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Choosing a Swimming Pools Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A backyard swimming pool can offer fun and relaxation during the hot summer months, but regular maintenance is required to make sure your pool is clean and the water is clear. The pool pump, heater, and thermostat should be checked regularly. Many pool companies provide cleaning and maintenance services to help you maintain the condition and quality of your swimming pool, including the water temperature and chemical balance. Proper maintenance can ensure that your pool remains safe and sanitary for your family.

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What is the cost to install a swimming pool?

The cost to install a swimming pool depends on several factors, including whether the pool is in-ground or above-ground, the size of the pool, and the material, such as fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. Above-ground pools are typically cheaper than in-ground pools. The average cost of above-ground pools is typically between $1,500-$5,000, while in-ground pools range anywhere from $7,000-$45,000. If you are considering building an in-ground pool, a vinyl pool liner is the cheapest to install, but does not last as long as a poured concrete or fiberglass pool. If you hire a professional contractor, labor costs will also be a factor in the total cost of your swimming pool installation.

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Does a swimming pool add value to your home?

Whether or not a swimming pool will add value to your home depends on several factors. For example, if most of your neighbors have pools, not having a pool can make your home harder to sell. The style, condition, and age of your pool can also affect the amount you might recoup when you’re ready to sell your home.

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What type of pool is easiest to maintain?

Fiberglass pools have a longer life expectancy than vinyl and concrete pools. Fiberglass is less likely to grow algae or stain, which can mean less maintenance expense. Vinyl pool liners typically last between 5-10 years before they need replacing. Concrete pools require the most maintenance and typically need to be resurfaced every 10 years.

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What is a good size swimming pool?

The size and shape of your swimming pool depends on your needs, budget, lifestyle, and the available space. For example, a pool for children should be no greater than 3 feet deep in the shallow end. Lap pools are typically 10 feet wide and 50 feet long. When choosing the right pool size for your home, consider who will be using the pool, how the pool will be used, and how much space you want around the pool.

[concrete pool crack]

How do you repair a crack in a concrete swimming pool?

The best way to repair pool cracks depends on the severity of the cracks. There are several materials that can be used for pool crack repair. Putty or plaster can typically be used to repair small and moderate pool cracks. Large, widespread pool cracking might require a more aggressive repair solution, such as carbon fiber staples. A qualified pool repair contractor can assess your concrete swimming pool and recommend the best repair solution.

[above ground pool liner]

How do you repair a swimming pool liner?

Vinyl pool liners are vulnerable to holes and tears. A damaged pool liner can lead to leaks, increased water usage, soil erosion, and damage to the pool wall. Most minor leaks can be fixed with DIY patch kits sold at home improvement stores. If the hole or tear in your liner is bigger than 6 inches, you should have your pool liner inspected by a qualified professional who can determine if your liner needs to be replaced.

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