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Should I DIY My Pool Care?

Swimming Pools

Should I DIY My Pool Care?

April 9, 2019

Prepping your pool for the summer may be possible on your own, but hiring a professional for certain jobs could be more beneficial. Let's dive into your task list to determine which items are doable this weekend and which ones may require help from a local pro.

Pool Maintenance Checklist

While many types of pool maintenance can be accomplished by the homeowner, each task is time-consuming and shouldn't be rushed. Skipping sessions will lead to more expensive problems faster than you think. So, if you're having trouble keeping a consistent schedule, it's best to hire a pool service to ensure everything is operating as it should and that your swimming pool water is safe to swim in.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Skim out any debris and empty skimmers
  2. Brush the walls and floor of your pool
  3. Vacuum your pool
  4. Dislodge any debris and clean your filters
  5. Shock treat your pool to cleanse any algae or bacteria growth

When You Should Hire a Pool Service Professional

If you're a first-time pool owner, you may want to consider hiring a professional for a season, which will help you learn the ropes and ensure your pool is starting out as healthy as possible. It may also help you save thousands of dollars in mistakes down the road.

Every few months you'll have to prep for deep cleaning of your pool and any pool repairs that are needed, especially if your pool is open all year round. These sessions require additional equipment, gear, and chemicals:

  • Cleaning filters:

    This process varies based on your region, type of filter, and the size of your pool.
  • Opening and closing your pool:

    These processes require chemical balancing, filing or draining water, lubricating pumps, winterizing, installing proper equipment, and more.
  • Replacing pool liner:

    DIY pool liner replacement is rarely done correctly and the material is expensive to waste. Calling a pro ensures your liner is being installed well and that you won't have thousands of dollars of liner damage to deal with later on.
  • Resurfacing concrete, leveling your sunken pool deck, or repairing concrete cracks in your pool deck:

    DIY concrete repair is messy, challenging, and lasts only a fraction of the time that professional concrete repair lasts.
  • Pump replacement:

    A pool maintenance contractor will correctly install your pool or spa pump. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of pool mechanics, it's a good idea to leave this task to the experts.

Benefits of Hiring a Pool Service Pro:

  1. You won't need to purchase equipment, which saves thousands of dollars up front
  2. You won't need to research or purchase pool chemicals, which can cost more than $50 weekly
  3. Offers priceless knowledge of all types of pools and pool maintenance for first-time pool owners
  4. Professionals provide a quick, accurate diagnosis of any rust, algae, or equipment issues, which prevents further damage
  5. Helps you avoid costly mishaps, like incorrectly mixing chemicals, improperly balancing your pool water, and concealed leaks that can permanently damage your pool
  6. Professionals offer consistent maintenance you can count on, regardless of life's busy spells

Take some time to weigh the benefits of hiring a professional pool maintenance contractor versus tackling it all on your own. HomePro Match can recommend a trusted pool maintenance contractor in your area!

For more information on swimming pools options, contact a HomePro Match swimming pools contractor today!

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