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Choosing a Disaster Restoration Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Has your home or commercial property been exposed to fire damage, mold, weather damage, asbestos, or another catastrophic event? Our contractors can restore safety and security to your property.

Our disaster restoration contractors act quickly, collaborate with your insurance company, implement temporary and permanent repairs, as well as protect your property from future disasters.

Don't let fire damage, water damage, mold, asbestos, and more create a dangerous living environment – get paired with a disaster restoration specialist today!

What is disaster restoration?

Disaster restoration is an emergency cleanup service after damage is caused to your home. Most commonly, disaster restoration services are called on when a fire, flood, or major wind storm strikes your home. In some more severe cases, the destruction is caused by a catastrophic storm such as a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado. Disaster restoration services are here to help restore the condition of your home and clean up the mess, no matter how big. Water removal, soot and smoke damage repair, biohazard cleanup, and odor removal are just some of the many services involved with disaster restoration.

Do I need disaster restoration?

Disaster restoration can include a lot of things, but make sure to call when it is seen fit. If you notice any major damage to your home or any other furnishings and appliances, whether it be from a fire, flood, wind storm, rodents, insects, or any other major storm, it is likely you need disaster restoration services. If you experience something such as minor water leakage or a mouse that has not caused any catastrophic damage, then other services such as waterproofing and pest extermination can be called. Make sure to evaluate the damage before you call. If you are unsure, it is best to call a disaster restoration contractor for guidance in the process.

[burned condo]

Is it safe to stay in a home with a fire and/or smoke damage?

After a fire, physical debris can be left in the house that must be removed immediately. Even after the noticeable damage has been picked up, there still can be lingering fire and smoke debris that you are living in without notice. Over time, living in a home that has been damaged by a fire can cause severe health issues to you and your family. Inhaling carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals from smoke damage can make breathing hard. If not treated, more serious issues can arise such as lung infections and diseases. Skin irritation is another issue that can come from fire and smoke damage. Small, toxic particles can stick to your furniture, walls, and floors that irritate the skin when touched. Your eyes can also become itchy and watery since these particles are air bourne. Living in a house with fire and smoke damage is dangerous and symptoms in your health can worsen over time if not treated properly. This is why it is important to get a full disaster restoration cleaning after a fire to ensure all damage, visual or not, is cleaned up.

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Should I call a professional for disaster restoration?

Since disaster restoration services are very critical and are called upon in major events of damage, you should call a professional. Instead of trying to take on everything yourself, an experienced disaster restoration team will have the equipment, expertise, and people to help clean up the mess as quickly as possible. The devastation of damaged items can cause pain and stress, which is why disaster restoration companies are available to help alleviate this pain and restore as many assets as possible to their original state. For cleaning purposes, special chemicals and equipment are used to help treat and remove any noticeable damage. Taking this on yourself can put you at risk of getting hurt or ruining the items even more. Make sure to call your local disaster restoration company when disaster strikes.

[major flood damage]

What is water damage restoration?

Water damage restoration is the act of restoring your home after water has entered and caused damage to your home, such as a flood. Water damage restoration services help extract water from your home and dry out the space and surrounding furniture and appliances that were in there. It is crucial to call your local water restoration service immediately after major water amounts have entered the home. The sooner you call, the better chance you have at restoring your damaged items and the surrounding area.

[fire truck outside of damaged home]

What is the difference between mitigation and restoration?

Mitigation is the process of reducing the damage of what was caused. Mitigation can involve removing furniture and appliances from a flooded area or removing items out of a burning house. Mitigation must be acted on fast, as this step is crucial to how much can be recovered in the restoration stage. Restoration is performed after mitigation is complete. Restoration is the act of restoring any damaged items back to their original state or close to it. When it comes to disaster restoration, in particular, both mitigation and restoration will be performed by the contractor.

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