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Choosing a Fences & Gates Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Choosing the right fence and gate system can add protection, privacy, and beauty to your home or business. But choosing from a vast array of materials, colors, and designs can seem daunting. That is where the fence and gate contractors at HomePro Match can help. They can work with you and recommend the perfect fence or gate that can suit your property's style, needs, and budget.

Whether you’re interested in a whimsical and vintage iron gate system or a classic wood perimeter around the yard, a fencing contractor can help you find the perfect fence or gate for your property.

[wrought iron fence]

What are the different types of fences and gates?

Fences and gates come in several materials, colors, styles, and sizes to fit your needs. Popular fencing options include aluminum fence, chain link fence, deer fence, electric pet fence, lattice fence, picket fence, PVC fence, security bollard fence, split rail fence, steel fence, temporary fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, and wrought iron fence. Many fencing contractors can also install driveway gates and security gates. Gates also come in different materials, such as aluminum, steel, wood, and wrought iron. Your local professional can help you plan and install a fence or gate that meets your needs and budget.

[Fence and Gate]

What’s the difference between a fence and a gate?

A fence is an enclosed perimeter around a given area on your property. With a fence, there are no carved-out entryways and it permanently closes off a perimeter from the outside. Fences are harder to get around, whereas gates are made to be opened and closed. Gates are a closed purpose of passageway, like a door, that can be moved to enter and exit from. Many times, gates have a lock on them. If you are looking for added security, you might choose a gate that requires a code or key for access.

[fence around pool]

Should I install a fence or gate for my home?

If you are looking to add privacy from your neighbors and other outside traffic, a fence might be a good solution. A gate at the end of your driveway or walkways can provide added privacy and security. Most times, you can incorporate both ideas into your plan, with a fence around the desired perimeter and a gate attached for accessibility. A new fence can also improve your home’s curb appeal. If you are considering installing a fence, gate, or both, it’s best to discuss your needs with your local professional who can help you choose the best solution for your home.

[chain link fence]

What are the cheapest fence options?

If you are looking to protect your property while also saving money, choosing a cheaper fence is an option. A chain link fence is typically cheaper than a wood fence. However, split rail fences are a popular option for homeowners looking for an attractive fence option without breaking the bank. Your local fence installation contractor can help you choose the best fence option for your budget.

[Fence Measurement]

How to install a fence?

There are many factors that go into installing or replacing a fence, such as checking local codes that may prohibit installing a fence or require a permit to do so. Other factors include leveling the ground, making sure your property lines are marked before digging, and ensuring you have the right materials and tools. If you are considering a DIY fence project, planning is important. Once ready to install, you must first evenly layout your post locations. Once these locations are located, you can start to dig these marked areas. To save time, it’s recommended to use a power auger for digging. After the holes have been dug, insert the fence rails in these holes and secure they are in place. Installing the fence pickets will be your last step in this process once the fence rails are up. Make sure to measure out each picket to ensure they are all in line with each other. For best results, a HomePro Match fencing contractor can help you plan and install your fence.

[white fence neighborhood]

Does installing a fence increase property value?

In many cases, installing a fence around your property increases the value of your home. Privacy is something that many potential homeowners look for when searching for their new home. When a fence is already installed, this is a bonus for them. Security and safety are also on the top of any homeowner’s list, making fences an added layer of assurance. Homebuyers with small children and pets often look for homes with fenced-in yards. Depending on the type installed, a new fence can also improve your home’s curb appeal.

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