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Choosing a Tree Service Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Trees need to be removed if they are unhealthy, diseased, or pose a safety hazard. Sometimes homeowners have trees removed if they are in the way of landscaping or structures. After a tree is cut down the stump can be left to rot or it can be removed. Trees should also be pruned to remove branches that are hanging over the house or brushing against the roof or siding. Proper shrub trimming and maintenance will keep your shrubs and bushes healthy and can improve your landscape and curb appeal.

[rotted tress]

What are some signs I need a tree removed?

There are a handful of ways to tell if a tree needs to be removed.

  • Leaning
  • Dead or hanging branches
  • Chipped, peeling, or cracked trunk
  • Damaged or decaying tree roots
  • Decay-producing fungi at the base of the trunk

A qualified arborist can assess the condition of your tree and help you decide if it’s time for tree removal.

[tree pruning]

What is tree pruning and why should I do it?

Tree pruning involves removing dead limbs from trees on your property. There are several reasons you might want to prune your trees.

  • Help trees grow stronger and healthier
  • Remove hazardous branches
  • Treat and prevent diseases
  • Encourage fruit production of fruit trees
  • Increase the beauty of your yard
[fall leaves]

When do I need to prune my trees?

Tree pruning is typically recommended between late fall and early spring. However, pruning in the summer can be done to slow the development of a tree or branch or to correct defective limbs. Light pruning and removal of dead wood can be done any time. The Arbor Day Foundation suggests avoiding pruning in the fall since decaying fungi thrives during this time of year.

[tree removal]

How much does tree removal cost?

The average cost of tree removal is between $500-$1000. The cost to remove a tree largely depends on the size of the tree, complexity of the job, and the contractor you use. For example, a tree that’s located close to a structure will typically cost more to remove. Prices also vary significantly by region. Services such as stump removal, tree trunk removal, and log splitting might add to the cost.

[fallen tree]

Who is responsible for fallen tree removal?

You are responsible for maintaining the trees on your property. If a tree or portion of a tree from your property causes damage to your neighbor’s property, you could be liable for the damages. If the damage was caused by an act of God, such as a hurricane or high wind, tree owners are typically not responsible for the damage. If your neighbor’s tree damages your home or garage, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover only a portion of the tree removal.

[hedge trimming]

Is there a difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

When it comes to tree maintenance, the terms trimming and pruning are often used interchangeably although they have different applications. Trimming is done to hedges and shrubs for aesthetic purposes. Pruning is done to trees and shrubs to remove damaged, diseased, and falling branches. Most trees and shrubs require annual pruning, while trimming should typically be done twice a year. If your yard contains tall trees and shrubs that are hard to reach or are located near power lines or other hazards, you might consider hiring a tree care professional.

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