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Choosing a Garages Contractor

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The garage acts as extra storage space and a main entrance into your home. It stores important parts of your life, from cars and bicycles to tools, heavy lawn equipment, and more. When your garage is not looking its best, leaving the garage door open for neighbors and guests to see can be embarrassing. A garage renovation keeps you the opportunity to customize your garage to your exact liking, right down to the number of hooks on the wall. Our garage renovation contractors work hard to provide you with a transformed garage that is built to last a lifetime.

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Why should I renovate my garage?

Your garage acts as one of the main entryways to your home and stores many of your personal belongings and valuables, such as your cars, the kid’s sports equipment, your favorite holiday decorations, and more. The garage sees a lot of action throughout its lifetime, so it should withstand a lifetime of use. Starting a garage renovation project allows you to design a durable, reliable garage customized with all the storage and organization options to meet your specific needs. Clean up your garage with help from professional garage remodeling contractors, so you can feel comfortable leaving the garage door open in front of neighbors and guests again.

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How do you renovate a garage?

Taking on any home renovation project can seem overwhelming, but your garage is much simpler to accomplish. Simply installing a new garage floor coating can seal up any cracks and imperfections in the floor without requiring an enormous demolition project. You can keep your garage clean and organized with a new set of garage cabinets, shelves, a workbench, and more garage accessories. Transform your garage with a new garage floor, garage storage, and organization options, all installed by a professional.

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Can I DIY my garage floor coating?

Although installing a new garage floor coating by yourself is possible and can save you a bit of money, there are many benefits to hiring a garage professional. Installing a new garage floor coating requires you to pour either epoxy or polyaspartic solution over the garage floor and allow it to spread over all the imperfections. If you fail to cover the solution evenly or miss significant flaws in the floor, you could end up spending twice as much to hire a garage expert to remove the layer and install a new garage floor coating. A garage contractor has the experience and professional knowledge of evenly spread the solution to cover every small crack or crevice without creating any bumps or imperfections in the new coating.

[benefits to garage floor coating]

What are the benefits of installing new garage floor coating?

Since your garage floor is constantly enduring use, applying a new protective coating is beneficial to the lifespan and overall appearance. Having any kind of coating over your garage floor keeps it protected against UV rays and accidental damage. If you drop a heavy tool or item directly on the floor, it could easily chip or crack, creating an ugly and potentially more significant problem. Extreme heat or cold weather can have an impact on how durable your garage floor is, leading to peeling, flaking, and discoloration. Installing a new garage floor coating keeps your floor safe against all potential damage and improves the beauty of your garage.

[Garage storage]

Do I need garage storage?

Most people use their garage to store uncommonly used or seasonal items, along with tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, and other objects that do not belong in the house. The problem is that people tend to have more stuff needing to be stored than actual storage space. Creating additional garage storage can be as simple as installing a new set of commercial-grade garage cabinets or shelves. You can keep your garage floor clean from clutter and have easy access to all your stored items without breaking the bank.

[Garage storage installation]

Can I install my own garage shelves and storage system?

You can always install your garage storage systems, but why would you want to? Our garage contractors are trained professionals that can install every item we offer, from garage cabinets and shelves to the very last hook on your slatwall. Another perk of having our experts install your new garage storage solutions is we will not leave until everything is perfectly level and the mess is cleaned up.

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