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Signs Of Frozen Pipes & How To Prevent Them From Bursting

Here at HomePro Match, we keenly understand the dangers of frozen and burst pipes. Water damage is no joke, and replacing plumbing can be a large undertaking, which is why the experts here at HomePro Match are here to teach you about the best way to handle frozen pipes!

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What Fireplace Should I Choose For My Home?

Here at HomeProMatch, we know the value of a well designed fireplace. The fireplace has been part of human homes for millions of years, beginning as little more than a square of scorched earth in the middle of a cave, to the beautiful works of art that exist in homes across the world today.

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What Is The Best Garage Floor Coating?

Concrete garage floors are the cheaper option, but they can actually do much damage over time if they’re not specially treated. That's why having your garage floor coated with a beautiful, durable, and slip-resistant finish can make all the difference in making your garage look cleaner and better to function in.

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Ways To Keep Warm At Home This Winter

As the temperature drops, the days grow short and the nights long, the experts here at HomeProMatch are eager to share the secrets to keeping the home warm this winter.

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What Are Heat Pumps And Should I Invest In One?

Unsatisfied with the current HVAC system installed in your home? It may be time to try something like a heat pump! Heat pumps offer many benefits to those who install them, plus, you have various options to choose from!

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Does Your Crawl Space Need A Vapor Barrier?

Here at HomeProMatch, we value the saftey and comfort of our customers--which is why we're here to share with you all the benefits of installing a crawl space vapor barrier in your home!

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The Importance Of Monitoring Your Indoor Air Quality During Covid-19

Here at HomeProMatch, we care about the health of our customers. While we wait for an end to the pandemic and a return to a more normal way of life, we've resorted to spending a majority of our time indoors. We here at HomeProMatch are here to teach our valued customers the best ways to keep your homes indoor air quality the healthiest it can be.

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What Are Basement Cracks & How To Spot Them

Here at HomeProMatch, we're experts in basement and foundation cracks. In this article we'll break down the various types of cracks, and crack repair methods to share the knowledge!

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How To Prepare Your Gutters For The Fall Season

Here at HomePro Match, we know just how important your gutters are to your home. Throughout the year, this essential piece of hardware takes quite a beating, so getting them ready for the fall and winter is highly important. Learn all about it with the experts at HomePro Match!

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Why Is Roof Maintenance Important?

Here at HomePro Match, we know the importance of keeping up with our homes--and we'd like the share the information with our valued customers! Learn all the ways that Roof Maintenance can help you and your home!

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