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Choosing a Landscaping Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A well-maintained lawn is critical to improving the curb appeal of your home or business. Transforming your outdoor space might involve improving your garden and patio areas, or adding additional elements like stone retaining walls, a walkway, fountain, or shrubbery. Your local landscaping company can breathe new life into your landscaping by designing and installing the layout you’ve been dreaming of. If you don’t know where to start, or are unsure of what your lawn needs to look its best, your landscaper can offer professional recommendations for what will best accent your home. Connect with a trusted landscaping contractor today via HomePro Match, and learn more about your options.

[What is landscaping]

What is landscaping?

Landscaping encompasses the processes aimed towards making your lawn or outdoor space more beautiful or functional. Typically geared towards working with plants, terrain, and added structures like patios and fencing, landscaping boosts the curb appeal and value of a property. Landscaping can transform a typical flat, boring yard into an outdoor oasis, or a challenging terrain of hills into a maze of charming retaining walls and seating areas. With the right landscaping contractor, the possibilities are endless.

[landscaping edging]

How to install landscaping edging?

A trained professional will produce the most attractive and longest-lasting landscaping edging. If you do choose to attempt landscape edging yourself, take your time with the process and make sure you are using quality materials. Also consider your own physical wellbeing, and wear gloves, gardening pads, and appropriate SPF protection. Once you’ve measured the perimeters you want to edge using a rope, string, or other flexible item that can mimic the natural curves and dips of your lawn, purchase the desired length of edging material from a local home improvement store. Unroll and leave the edging outside in ideal conditions for up to one day to help loosen up the stiffness of the plastic. Dig a trench around the area you are edging, cutting away any roots and weeds, and firmly place your edging inside the trench. FIll the trench back in with the loose soil you’ve removed, and secure the edging by flattening the loose soil and driving stakes into the submerged half of the edging.

[grass is not growing]

Landscaping ideas where grass won’t grow?

Bare spots are typical under trees and in other areas due to insufficient sunlight and water, or disease. Landscaping can be a totally creative process, and a professional landscaper or landscape design specialist will have unique ideas to transform a dry patch into something more special. Consider adding a layer of artificial turf or grass over the bare spot if it makes sense in your space. In particularly dry states, some homeowners have decided to fully remove natural grass and install a low-maintenance, artificial alternative in its place for their entire lawn. Another popular and functional remedy for areas where grass won’t grow is adding brick or stone pavers to create a patio area. You can also add a garden bed, fountain, pond, or bench.

[large landscaping]

How to landscape a large front yard?

Families with children may want to leave their yard relatively sparse to allow for plenty of space to play, while gurus may prefer installing a sophisticated landscape design to increase curb appeal. Commercial properties allow for larger-scale options like hardscaping an outdoor seating space for customers and guests, or installing sidewalks and trails for depth and recreation, and planting rows of shrubs and trees for added shade. Whichever landscape design you choose for your front yard, maintenance is key. It’s best to choose a landscape design that you feel comfortable taking care of on your own, or that you feel comfortable hiring a professional to help take care of on a regular basis. Regular maintenance of plants ensures they maintain optimal health and appearance. Learn more.

[choosing a landscaper]

How to choose a landscaper?

Learn as much as possible about any contractor before you hire them. A landscaper with a great online presence will have before and after photos on their platform, as well as customer reviews available for you to read. Be aware of any specialties your landscaper may have, as those services could come at an elevated price. As always, any contractor you hire through HomePro Match is well-reviewed and vetted through a one-on-one conversation with our team members.


Low maintenance landscaping ideas?

There are a number of low maintenance landscaping options that can be installed by trusted local landscapers quickly and efficiently, and require little to no care in the future. Hardscaping like patios and walkways, artificial grass and turf, and rubber mulch all require zero watering, pruning, and maintenance. If you do want natural plants, shrubs, and trees, consider options like Evergreen, Juniper, and Geranium. Your landscaper will be able to introduce you to the thousands of low maintenance plant options available in your area, and educate you on just how little you need to care for these species to ensure their healthy growth. Learn more.

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