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Choosing a Electrical Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It's easy to take electricity for granted. But your home or business’ electricity has a lot of demands, including lights, heating, hot water, appliances, and more. So when something goes wrong with the electrical system, it can have a devastating impact on major aspects of your daily life. That is why electrical repairs and maintenance should be a property owner's top priority. Choosing an electrician who can make reliable and speedy repairs can make all the difference. The pre-screened and licensed electricians from HomePro Match can ensure that all of your home or business’ wiring is up-to-date and well protected. They can also properly install safeguards like generators, surge protectors, and other energy-saving upgrades.

[electrical wires]

What are the different types of electrical wiring?

Wiring is the conduit that connects devices to fuses, appliances, switches, the main utility pole, and other electrical systems. Wiring can be done in two different methods: a joint box system or a loop-in system. Types of wiring include cleat, casing, capping, batten, lead sheathed, conduit, concealed conduit, metallic conduit, and non-metallic conduit. A licensed HomePro Match electrician can help you identify the type of wiring in your home or business and help install new wiring or perform any necessary repairs.

[portable generator]

What are the types of generators?

Whether there is a blackout, burnout, or a permanent lapse, a power outage can limit a business' operating hours, cut power to crucial appliances, and even put people in danger. That is why generators are a great investment in preventing these issues. A portable generator is powered by diesel fuel or gas during a temporary power loss. An inverter generator uses advanced electronic circuitry during an outage and tends to be more energy efficient than other systems. A standby generator switches on automatically during an outage, which makes it the most convenient option. To see which backup generator is right for home or business, contact the licensed electricians at HomePro Match today.

[electrical mistakes]

What are the top electrical mistakes?

While many homeowners and businesses do all that they can to keep their properties safe, many ignore common electrical issues that could potentially disrupt their entire system, cause fires, or lead to other costly disasters. Some of these common issues include using the wrong sized wires or cables, having loosely fitted outlets or switches, leaving faulty connections to electrical boxes, ignoring reoccurring fuse issues, such as outages or loose connections, overpowering outlets, and using too many extension cords. While property owners can tackle most of these common electrical issues right away, some could be hidden behind walls or undetectable to the untrained eye. A licensed electrician from HomePro Match can help you identify these issues and help prevent bigger problems in the future.

[energy meter]

Why is my electric bill so high?

When it comes to lowering energy costs, many property owners are unsure of where to start. An easy step to take is turning off televisions, fans, as well as other appliances and fixtures when not in use. Another simple change is switching heat emitting lighting to halogen incandescent lighting, compact fluorescent lamps, or LED lightbulbs. Replacing energy-draining appliances, like dishwashers or HVAC systems, is an example of a bigger change that could save you even more. But not every property is the same and there may be faulty aspects of your electrical system that are costing you. A pre-screened HomePro Match electrician can help pinpoint areas where you could be losing energy.

[wiring diagram]

What is a wiring diagram?

A wiring diagram is a representation of an electrical system or circuit. It shows all of its physical connections and the electrical wires. Wiring diagrams are used for building or repairing an electrical device. In order to read a wiring diagram, you would need to understand the symbols and what components they correspond to. A trusted HomePro Match electrician can interpret these diagrams and make reliable repairs to these electrical systems.

[hiding wires]

How to hide wires?

Creating a prized entertainment center can be an exciting process. But with all of those gaming consoles, cable boxes, and other appliances, those wires could end up being an eyesore. By fastening cords to the back of furniture, feeding them through a TV stand or wall, hiding them with a concealer kit, or tucking them into tubing, you can safely store wires out of sight. To discover more ways to hide loose wires in your home or business, contact a licensed electrician from HomePro Match today.

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