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Pool Heater Installation & Replacement

Warm Water: An Age Old Obession

Since the time of the great, ancient civilizations, the likes of Rome and Egypt, humanity has sought after the luxury of warm water. Though plumbing and hot water were not completely foreign concepts, they were rudimentary at best and relied upon gravity and warmth from the sun. Today, warm water isn’t just applied to our interior plumbing for our showers and sinks, but it can also be achieved for our swimming pools.

Those of us who are lucky to live in warm climates all year round may not need to bother keeping the pool warm, as the environment does all the work for them. Not all of us are so lucky, however, and many of us live in more temperate areas. In the summer, having a pool is a highly sought after luxury. But the fun is over far too quickly, with late springs and early winters, the pool is usually only open for a little while.

However, there are these wonderful pieces of machinery, known as Pool Heaters. A relatively new innovation, pool heaters were immediately in high demand. And how could they not be? In warmer climates, they keep the pool at a comfortable temperature year-round, even at night; In more temperate areas, they can dramatically extend the use of the pool into the cooler seasons--allowing homeowners to open the pool early, and close it late, giving you more bang for your buck each year.

What Pool Heater is best for your pool?

Of course, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Solar Powered Pool Heater
  • Gas Powered Pool Heater

Each option comes with its own benefits, and best performance in different areas, depending on where you live, and where your pool is located.

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