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Choosing a Foundation Repair Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Foundation problems are difficult to identify and tend to worsen over time if a repair isn’t made. A faulty foundation can cause issues throughout the rest of your home or business, from floor and wall cracks to moldy and flooded basements. Foundation problems may also significantly decrease the value of a home. Foundation repair can seem daunting, but if you identify foundation damage before it becomes too advanced, most foundation contractors can offer simple and permanent solutions. If foundation issues are affecting the appearance, safety, or value of your home or business, it’s best to get a professional’s opinion regarding foundation repair and replacement. HomePro Match is happy to pair you with a knowledgeable foundation professional near you.

[cost for foundation repair]

How much does foundation repair cost?

The rough national average for foundation repair is around $5,000. This number encompasses small jobs like crack repairs that may cost $300, as well as major repairs involving expensive piering that may cost thousands. Foundation repair specialists should offer free estimates before doing any work, though, so don’t write off repairs based on any figure you see online.

[repairing foundation cracks]

How to repair foundation cracks?

Have foundation cracks inspected by a professional to make sure they are not a sign of a larger problem. Never ignore foundation cracks, as foundation problems only worsen over time. Small wall cracks may be temporarily filled using caulk or epoxy from a big-box home repair store. This is not a permanent solution and will not stop water from filling in the crack.

[Problems with foundation]

How to tell if a house has foundation problems?

Look for common signs of foundation issues. When you open the windows and doors, do they slide smoothly or do they stick? Is the chimney tilting or crumbling? Are there cracks in the walls and basement floor? Is the basement wet or leaking? Are the floors uneven or not level with each other? Do you notice cracked or sunken slabs, damaged retaining walls, or sunken sidewalks on the exterior of the property? These are all common indicators of a foundation problem, though there are more symptoms to be aware of as well. Learn more.

[foundation drainage]

How to fix drainage problems around the foundation?

Foundation drainage issues can be fixed with a perimeter drainage system, yard grading system, or gutters system to direct water away from your foundation and basement. Foundations may flood due to loose backsoil, a home being set lower than the surrounding yard without sufficient grading, temperature changes, hydrostatic pressure, and an insufficient gutter system. Learn more.

[foundation problems signs]

What are common signs of foundation problems?

Common signs of foundation problems inside of the building include sticking windows and doors, uneven floors, and wall cracks. Exterior signs of foundation issues include cracks in the foundation, tilting chimneys, sinking and uneven sidewalks, uneven driveways, and collapsing retaining walls. If you notice a foundation issue, it’s imperative to call a professional as these problems tend to get worse over time. Learn more.

[wait to repair]

Can I ignore foundation problems?

No. Foundation problems won’t go away or resolve themselves over time.The longer you wait for foundation repair, the more expensive and dire your foundation issues will become. If you choose not to address foundation issues when you notice them, they will likely cause further damage, creating the need for more intensive repairs down the road. Over time, foundation issues decrease the comfort, value, and beauty of your home or business.

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