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Choosing a Energy Audit Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

An energy audit can help you pinpoint the best upgrades to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient and potentially reduce your energy costs. Most HomePro Match energy audit contractors use blower door testing and other reliable methods to get an accurate representation of your home's building envelope. In addition to providing energy savings and greater home comfort, an energy audit can also help reduce mold, dust, and allergy issues.

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What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a type of energy-efficiency evaluation performed by a professional home energy contractor. An energy audit typically includes an examination of your past energy bills and a thorough inspection of the outside and inside of your home. The contractor will typically ask the homeowner questions like what temperature you set your house to and what kind of system(s) you use to heat and cool your home. The contractor will also go around the outside and inside of your home with special tools, such as infrared cameras and surface thermometers, to determine energy loss. With all of this information, an energy contractor will be able to detect the root causes of your energy issue(s) and come up with a solution tailored to your needs.


Do I need an energy audit?

Do you feel that your home energy bills are higher than they should be? Are you uncomfortable in your own home due to heating and cooling issues? Do you feel as though your heating and/or cooling systems aren’t working properly or efficiently? If you said yes or maybe to any of these questions, it’s recommended that you get an energy audit. Before fixing the problem, having a professional come in to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and suggest solutions for you to follow will greatly save you time and money. A professional home energy contractor will have the tools and expertise to determine what your issue is and how to fix it properly the first time around. Learn more.

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What are the different types of energy audits?

All energy audits have the same goal- to determine your energy-efficient issues and come up with solutions to solve them. Energy audits are all the same in this sense, however, come in different variations based on the severity of your issue and how much you are willing to spend for the project. Home energy audits are those conducted on a residential building. Before any energy audit is performed, information will be collected on your past utility bill costs and the amount that is spent on average for buildings similar to yours in terms of square footage and layout. This step is typically called a “benchmark”, which comes before any visit to your home. A walk-through audit is the next step, which involves the contractor visiting your home to inspect the outside and inside area of your property. A detailed audit (or energy diagnosis) is more in-depth, which consists of the contractor using special tools to inspect the home, filling out surveys, and getting full, detailed descriptions on your home energy and the steps you should take to fix the issue. A common type of detailed audit, like a blower door test, is used to pinpoint any air leakage issues. Investment grade-audits go even further, however, are usually only used for big, commercial buildings. Investment grade-audits take more time as quantitative data is collected over time.

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How much does a home energy audit cost?

A home energy audit typically costs around $100-$200. The cost of the energy audit depends on factors like the square footage of your home and the region of the country you are in. In some cases, contractors offer free home energy audits before work is done to your home. Make sure to contact your local HomePro Match energy audit contractor for exact information on how much it will cost for your home energy audit.

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What is a blower door test?

A blower door test is a type of energy audit method used to pinpoint any air leakage or insulation issues around your home. A blower door test consists of the contractor installing a powerful fan in the frame of an exterior doorway. The fan pulls air outside of the home to create lower air pressure inside. The air pulled outside then finds its way into any unsealed gaps and cracks, determining where the air leakage is. While the test goes on, the contractor will walk around the home to find out where these points of air leakage are. A pressure gauge on the blower door is used to measure the amount of air pulled out of your home. Many other gauges on the door will also be used to complete the full diagnosis.

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When is a blower door test required?

Usually, a blower door test is performed at the end of the construction of a home to make sure there aren’t any air leakage issues. However, cracks and gaps can develop over time, making a blower test in the future not that uncommon. If you feel there are drafts and gaps in your home that are wasting your paid heated or cooled air, it’s best to get a blower door test performed. You may think you need a new window to keep out that draft, however, it may be the sealing around your window sill that is the issue. A blower door test will help pinpoint the exact location of the problem, which will in turn, help you put your full attention on an effective solution. A qualified HomePro Match home energy contractor can help you perform the test and accurately come up with a solution to fit your needs.

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