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Choosing a Additions Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are you looking to expand your home’s living space, improve its functionality, and enhance its appearance? Building an addition could do all this and more. By adding a new space, you can address many of your home's functionality issues. Plus, you could also increase your home's resale value.

Whether you need a family room, sunroom, garage, in-law apartment, or second floor, a home addition contractor can bring your vision to life. They will design the perfect addition layout based on your needs and desires.

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How do you put an addition on your house?

Whether you need more storage space, want extra bedrooms, or you are interested in expanding your kitchen, there are many reasons to add on to a house. Before drawing up any plans, buying materials, or starting a project, deciding on the type of addition you want is the most important step in getting started. Finding an experienced HomePro Match addition contractor can ensure your style and needs are fully evaluated. They can also work through other factors, like city regulations, helping you prepare for construction, and working within your budget.

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How much do home additions cost?

The average cost of installing a home addition is $80 to $200 per square foot and the return on investment is often over 50%. The cost of your home addition will depend on where you live, the materials needed, the square footage of the area, and the labor required. While many homeowners think that building an addition themselves can save money, this can actually be counterproductive. Anything from not choosing the right materials to underestimating the work can lead to more spending. By contacting a HomePro Match professional, these factors will be evaluated beforehand, ensuring an easy, stress-free experience. Learn more.


How do you pay for home additions?

A home equity line of credit may be available for larger additions. Unlike a regular line of credit, this option often comes with repayment options of 15 to 30 years and uses equity as collateral. Another option is to refinance your mortgage. This frees additional cash for a future home addition. Lastly, you could choose to take out a loan or credit card. Applying for a loan or a credit card is often quicker than refinancing or applying for a home equity line of credit and is great for covering smaller projects.

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Is it cheaper to add up or out on a house?

Where you live, the type of addition you want, and your home’s style are factors that can impact whether you should build up or out on a home. However, it is generally more cost-effective to build up. This has a lot to do with how a second story is built. While installing a second story may require you to relocate for a period of time, building out would mean excavating a new foundation. If your current foundation needs to be retrofitted to support an additional floor, this may raise the price of that addition.

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How long does it take to build a home addition?

On average, it can take anywhere between two and three months to complete a 900 square foot addition after acquiring all the necessary permits and materials. Hiring a reliable home addition contractor is the best way to assure the work is safe, up to code, completed in a sufficient amount of time, and matches your vision.

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Are home additions worth it?

While the average return on investment for an addition is over 50%, there are still many factors to consider when determining whether it’s worth it. First, you will at least want to break even when it comes to the total cost of work and raising your home’s value. Another issue is the time it takes to complete the work and possibly having to relocate during the project. Choosing the right location could alleviate some of the cost and nuisance of the project. For instance, finishing a basement wouldn’t require you to relocate and would probably cost less than building a second story.

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