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HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do you want greater energy efficiency, enhanced curb appeal, less noise pollution, and increased functionality in your home? You can achieve all this and more by upgrading your exterior doors. Depending on the material and style you choose, the return on investment can be substantial – up to 95 percent!

If you’ve noticed increased drafts, doors with cracked paint, mold, or mildew in the home, then those are just some of the signs you need to replace your doors. Luckily, our door replacement contractors can help you choose the best materials and styles that meet your needs and budget.

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What are some types of doors?

Doors can offer a sense of privacy, security, and entryway to one’s room or home. The two main types of doors are interior doors and exterior doors. Interior doors are used for rooms inside your home, such as your bedroom, closet, or bathroom, that usually give off a sense of privacy. Interior doors can come in various styles and colors to fit your needs. Some common interior doors include panel, flat, and bifold doors. It’s important to note that most interior doors do not have glass and for good reason. A door leading to your bathroom or bedroom would be best kept private with no glass. A door leading to your outdoor lawn, deck, or doorstep, however, may want to have some glass to let in some sunlight and beautiful outdoor views. Exterior doors are typically more durable than interior doors since they are directly exposed to the outdoor elements. Panel and windowed doors are popular options for exterior entry doors. A storm door is used to help protect your existing exterior door from any harsh weather conditions. Before deciding on your next interior and/or exterior door, consulting a local door expert is always best for expert advice and installation.

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What are the cheapest exterior doors?

When looking for an affordable exterior door, one option is to choose a plain door without fancy patterns. Wood is a popular exterior door option for its affordability and classic, timeless look that can be easily customized with stain or paint. Wood doors, however, aren’t usually the most durable option for exterior door performance. If you are worried about the durability of a wood door, an aluminum door is a great alternative that is not expensive either. Aluminum doors are usually more durable than wood and can also mimic the wood door look without the worry of the material not lasting long.

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How much does a door repair cost?

The cost of repairing your door depends on the amount of damage it has experienced, the issue with the door, and the material of the door. For example, if your door is experiencing swelling and sticking, simply sanding down the part of the door that sticks out and doesn’t fit in the frame is easy and not that costly. Sagging of a door is also fairly easy to repair, which requires switching out the current hinges with new ones. These repairs typically start as low as $50. Fixing exterior doors, however, are usually harder and more expensive to fix than interior doors because exterior doors are usually made out of more durable materials like steel and aluminum. Wood doors are typically easier to fix due to their flexible nature to sand and shape into a door frame. Door repairs are typically between $150-$250. If your door has experienced severe damage and dents, you may need to get it replaced. Consult your local door repair contractor for expert advice on your door repairs.

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What is the best door for my exterior?

Direct sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and ice are all elements your exterior door puts up with on a daily basis. In order to make sure both you and your door are protected from such weather, you must consider the many options exterior doors come in. The type of material, color, and design of each door can help you determine the durability, look, and style you are looking for. For instance, steel doors are best known for their durability and security, however, aren’t as customizable as wood doors. Wood doors give off a classic, ageless look that comes in many styles, however, they aren’t as sturdy to the outdoor elements. Aluminum doors are a happy medium, that comes in styles that mimic wood doors and are fairly durable to harsh conditions.

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What is a storm door and do I need one?

A storm door is an outer door installed to the outside of your pre-existing exterior door. Storm doors typically either have glass or screen inside of its frame that allows sunlight in. Storm doors help shield your exterior door from any outdoor elements that can cause serious damage, such as wind, ice, rain, and other outdoor debris. Storm doors are effective at keeping out insects, while still letting outdoor light inside. When deciding whether or not you need a storm door, first think about the location of your exterior door and the weather your area experiences. If your exterior door is under a deck or awning and experiences pretty mild weather, then you can probably do without an exterior door. If your exterior door, however, is not protected by any overhang and experiences harsh weather at times, then a storm door would be a great benefit to your home.

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What are the different types of garage doors?

Garage doors are a great addition to your garage for protection, security, and safety. Before installing your next garage door, make sure you know the types to choose from. First, you must determine the type of material you would like your garage door to be. Just like exterior doors, garage doors come in wood, steel, and aluminum. Depending on the material you choose, various color and style options may be available. If you are looking for a garage door that opens easily, an automatic garage door is for you. These garage doors are controlled by a security keypad or remote control that is able to open and close the door. Automatic garage doors can open and close vertically or horizontally and can be customized to work how you’d like them to. With a manual garage door, however, you must lift the door yourself to open and close it. Garage door installation is a job that requires a lot of heavy equipment and expertise, so hiring a professional is essential for your safety and a job well done.

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