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Concrete Pool Repair

The importance of seasonal maintenance

It goes without saying that owning an inground pool is a wonderful luxury, one that gives back as much as you put in--boosting home and property value and overall just being an excellent addition to any home. With a pool, there are endless opportunities for fun and relaxation, as well as heart-healthy exercise and other health benefits.

As wonderful as inground pools can be, they need to be properly maintained to stay that way. Without proper maintenance, leaks, cracks or any number of other issues could arise, flushing away hard-earned money to fix the damage. Of course, many companies offer seasonal maintenance, allowing homeowners to breathe easy.

Of course, there’s the normal yearly busywork that must be done to ready the pool for use and closure, such as cleaning, equipment inspection, filter cleaning or replacement, inspection of the liner and more. Then there’s the more pressing type of maintenance. As with any pool, the levels of chemicals and minerals within the water must be carefully adjusted and monitored in order for it to be safe for use. This and the condition of the shell and liner are of the utmost importance for an inground pool.

Other possible issues

There are a number of issues that can arise with an inground pool. Most can be handled with ease by a licensed professional, such as:

  • Excessively Rough Surface- though the surface of a concrete pool tends to be rough, and many homeowners have children wear water shoes while in the water for this reason, an imbalance in the PH level can cause the surface to become very rough. This can be solved with the use of chemicals and sanding over the areas worst affected, but they may have to be resurfaced if the damage is extensive.
  • Structural Cracks- cracks in the shell of the pool itself are thankfully rather rare, but are typically caused by poor design, or a failure to properly engineer the pool against expansive or shifting soils, leading to severe damage. This will be an involved repair, if repair is even possible.

If you’ve noticed an issue with your concrete inground pool, or simply need some seasonal maintenance to get ready for the summer, the experts here at HomePro Match are just a call or click away!

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