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Choosing a Patios Contractor

HomeProMatch - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Improve the beauty and value of your home with outdoor hardscaping and patios. Adding a patio is a simple way to extend your living space to the great outdoors. Paver patios are the most common choice, but there are plenty of additional patio options to consider too. Stone and flagstone properties offer a contemporary design that you can customize to fit your vision. Stamped concrete paired with ornate railings and trim creates a welcoming retreat outside of your home or business

Whatever your patio preferences, a professional patio contractor can help with patio design, patio installation, and a wide range of other patio construction services. Let HomePro Match connect you with a vetted professional today, so you can start looking forward to the patio space of your dreams!

[patio paver types ]

What are the different types of patio pavers?

The type of pavers you choose to build your patio or walkway depend on the style you’re hoping to achieve, your budget, and your environment. A local patio contractor will be able to assist you with weighing your options and making the decision, and be able to educate you about how different materials perform in your climate. Big box stores usually sort the main styles of pavers by brick options, natural stone options, and concrete. Within these categories there are thousands of additional options, ranging in style, price-point, availability, aesthetic, texture, and durability. Outside of brick, concrete, and stone, there are even more, less common options like plastic pavers and rubber pavers.

[home patio]

What is a patio home?

Patio homes are also referred to as cluster homes, and have a few different definitions. In some southern states, patio homes are attached homes, meaning different residential units with shared walls that are all part of a Homeowner’s Association. This definition is nearly identical to that of a townhome or condo. In other states, a patio home could simply mean a single-family home with a large patio.

[patio vs porch]

What is the difference between a patio and porch?

Confused about what marks the difference between a patio and porch? No worries - plenty of other folks are wondering the same thing. Porches serve as entryways, and are typically attached to the front, back, or side of a home or business. Porches may be covered or uncovered, raised or ground-level, and constructed using a broad range of materials. Patios, on the other hand, are typically flat, ground-level elements that are perfect for an outdoor dining table or for the perimeter of a pool. Patios can also be covered or enclosed, but typically are free-standing and installed on an existing lawn.

[what is a patio]

What is a patio?

Patios are an exterior structure installed on top of the ground, separate from a home or business. Patios are often constructed using pavers like brick or stone, and can host a broad range of activity. Some folks use their patios for dining and entertaining. Other patios may surround a pool, jacuzzi, pond, fountain, or another structure on a property. Patios can be covered with an awning or a pergola, or uncovered, depending on the style, budget, and preference of the home or business owner. Patios are less expensive to install than porches, and add value, curb appeal, and comfort to a property.

[longevity of patio pavers]

How long do paver patios last?

This is entirely dependent on the type and size of patio paver, the local climate, weather, and soil composition of a given property. How much traffic the paver patio receives is also a factor, as some patios are used daily while others are only used a few times per year. Patio pavers that surround pools also hold a different time-stamp than those installed over flat, even ground. Some professional patio contractors guarantee 25 years before any pavers crack, while others offer more or less, depending on some of the aforementioned factors. HomePro Match can connect you with a professional patio contractor who can offer realistic expectations for your specific pavers.

[sunken patio pavers]

What causes sunken patio pavers?

Fixing sunken or damaged patio pavers begins with identifying why pavers are damaged in the first place. Pavers sink due to soil settlement, regular traffic, the freezing and thawing of the ground below, and a few other environmental factors. When patio pavers are cracked or sunken, it’s no problem to replace them individually. This is easier and cheaper than a full patio replacement after remedying the underlying issue or issues.

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