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Wood Fence Repair

Ensure your wood fence lasts with timely fence repair

Wood fencing is a sturdy fencing option renowned for its natural beauty. However, wood fencing can be vulnerable to damage from continuous exposure to the elements. The good news though is that many of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance in the form of painting and staining.

However, there’s no need to panic if maintenance doesn’t prevent the problem. Speedy wood fence repair can deal with the problem while it is still minor and prevent the damage from spreading and growing into a serious issue.

Common types of wood fence damage

  • Mold & Rot: One unfortunate downside of a wood fence is the vulnerability to mold & rot. If your fence is starting to rot or show signs of mold, a professional fence repair contractor can repair the area immediately. In some cases, this might involve replacing part of the fence, but a quick detection can minimize this.
  • Holes & Gaps: All fences are vulnerable to holes & gaps, but wood fences are slightly more at risk. In this case, a professional can replace the missing slats or plug any holes.
  • Stains: Sometimes a stain can become a permanent part of a wood fence. A fence repair contractor may be able to remove this stain, but if that isn’t enough, you may need to paint over the problem.
  • Tilted Posts: Occasionally, the ground beneath your fence might shift, which can cause your fence posts to tilt. If ignored, this problem can worsen over time, causing warping or even a complete collapse. If you notice tilting posts, make sure to reach out to a wood fence repair contractor right away.

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