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Deer Fence Installation & Replacement

A deer fence installation & replacement can keep deer off your property and out of your garden

Deer are wonderful creatures, but they can also be serious pests if allowed on your property to roam freely. Every gardener dreads the idea that a few hungry deer could ruin all their hard work. Many deer also carry dangerous insects, like the feared deer tick. Luckily, you can keep deer off your property with a deer fence installation or replacement.

A deer fence is specifically designed to keep deer out and can be made from a wide range of materials. All of these materials offer different advantages and disadvantages, but there are a few constants. Adult deer can jump up to 8 feet, so your deer fence should generally be close to this height. Deer fences also require proper maintenance, since any weakness can potentially be exploited by deer. Even particularly thick vines can potentially weaken a part of the fence. Luckily, most of these problems can be avoided by working with a local fencing contractor. An experienced deer fence installer will know the habits of the local deer and be able to suggest the best material and height to meet your needs.

Deer fence installation materials

There are a wide range of materials you can use for your deer fence, but here are three common ones:

  • Plastic/Polypropylene Deer Fence: This type of deer fence is easy to install and can be easily removed. This makes it a great option if you only want to have a deer fence installed seasonally. However, this fence can be chewed by certain animals and generally only lasts about 10 years. Please also bear in mind that this fence must be at least 80 grams per square meter to be effective.
  • Wood Deer Fence: If you can make a solid wood fence stockade style, then this is another promising option. The key is that it must not have any openings for deer to crawl under and it generally needs to be 8 feet tall. Many other qualities differ based on the type of wood being used, but generally wooden deer fences are long lasting and add a lot of privacy.
  • Metal Deer Fence: There are many effective metal fencing options, from welded wire to chain link. The exact benefits vary based on the specific type of metal, but they are generally very durable. However, some of the more durable options, like vinyl coated hex wire, are also rather pricey.
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