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Landscape & Garden Design & Installation

Thousands of years of gardens

For thousands of years, humanity has been gardening, harvesting from the earth for survival and pleasure. These people utilized an ancient form of gardening known as “forest gardening” where plants found in the forests and jungles that grew near to the river were harvested for food, medicine and other important aspects of life. Far from just these simple farms along the rivers though, these ancient cultures also designed lavish pleasure gardens within their cities, featuring flowers and religious symbols, such as fruits or trees.

Having a beautiful outdoor space is a luxury that many of us crave--especially when many yards across the world are little more than some parched grass and walkways. There have been schools of design for gardening for thousands of years, and the same design principles have carried on through time, changing and adapting to new aesthetics and the modern era.

How the experts can help you create your haven

Landscaping and gardening are all about the space you’ve been given, which can be a taxing task to design a living art piece within a small or oddly shaped space. This is why those old techniques and schools of design have carried through to today--because they work! Professional landscape and garden designers have studied those gorgeous gardens of the past, such as gardens of Versaille, Tudor England, ancient Japanese dynasties, and can make any space into an escape from the modern world. Some designs to consider are:

  • An Old English Garden
  • An Oriental Landscape
  • An Escape into the Woods
  • Or, anything you can dream up!

If you’ve been craving a beautiful back garden, the experts here at HomePro Match can help to design and create a beautiful space just for you! Your local experts are just a call or click away, so reach out today!

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