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Outdoor Water Features & Outdoor Water Fountains

Mother Nature’s greatest gift

It’s a fact that human beings love the sound of running water. For thousands of years, this sound meant survival--and now it brings to mind the peace of the natural world. Today, we are able to incorporate outdoor water features into our backyards and outdoor living spaces all around the globe.

The many types of outdoor water features

There are a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor water features, including:

  • Natural ponds: Typically man-made, but can be crafted to meld seamlessly into almost any environment.
  • Waterwalls: Highly decorated accent walls, which water slowly cascades down and through a filter.
  • Waterfalls or standalone waterfalls: Can be attached to a pond or some other water feature, like a pool, but can also stand on their own as an accent piece.
  • Rain curtain: Can be added to pool areas or outdoor kitchens for an extra design flair, holes are drilled into a standing frame equipped with water filters to create a patterned rainfall.
  • Scuppers: Effectively a large spout, similar to a sconce, that pours water from one level down to another. These features are often seen in pools.
  • Sconces: Functionally, very similar to Scuppers, with a lower water volume.
  • Bubblers: A small version of a fountain, without much force of water flow, creating a soothing bubbling sound. Can be placed nearly anywhere within a landscaping design.
  • Streams: Natural or man made passageways for water to flow, creating a soothing atmosphere. Often adorned with bridges, statues or other design features.
  • Birdbaths: Shallow basins of water designed to attract birds for bathing.
  • Laminar jets: Small jets, typically installed within the pool decking or among landscaping elements, that shoot perfectly clear arcs of moving water for an aesthetically pleasing water show.

Many homeowners enjoy the natural touch to an outdoor living space, citing the sound of water as one of the biggest selling points towards water features. The sound of water is proven to be calming and beneficial to mental and physical health, which is another reason to consider adding one to your yard.

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