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Mulching: a stone-age practice

The practice of mulching, or surrounding plants with material to inhibit weed growth and sometimes enhance plant growth, has been around for thousands of years--dating all the way back to the stone age. Today, homeowners are still creating these spaces for their plants to flourish, sometimes asking for professional help with design and style.

The various options available

In modern landscaping, there are many options of material to surround your plants with, as a now-booming market exists for such things. Options now include a wide variety of material, including many types of soil, sand, mulch, and landscaping rocks or glass. Here are just a few of the many options:

  • Compost- richly organic soil, composed of decomposing natural material such as fruits and vegetable scraps. Promotes healthy plant growth and decreases the need for any chemical fertilizers.
  • Blended Topsoil- a mixture of screened topsoil and composted soil. Ideal for most small gardens.
  • Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch- comprised of shredded down hardwoods, processed twice and either treated with dye or left undyed. Comes in many colors, but most popularly left undyed.
  • Pine Straw- popular for deterring common garden pests such as slugs. Does well in areas with shade, and creates a lovely contrast with low light plants.
  • River Rocks- popular for their smooth tumbled shapes and pleasant neutral colors.
  • Gravel- cheap and effective at crowding out weeds, and can come from many different varieties of stone, creating wide ranges of color.
  • Landscaping Glass- thick chunks of tumbled safety glass that can be dyed a wide variety of colors to add a pop to any landscaping or flower bed.

Though the practice is largely for the benefit of plant life, it’s grown to become an aesthetic choice as well, adding intrigue and contrast to better show off plant life in a garden or front yard.

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