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Sod Installation/Sodding

Sodding: an ancient landscaping practice

Sod, a rollable sheet of earth and grass that is typically used in yards and playing fields, comes from an ancient Japanese manuscript. It’s incredible that, though this mention of the practice comes from an 850-year-old book, not only is it still going on today, but it had likely been a standard practice long before then.

Now, you can commonly find sod on most school grounds, in recreational playing fields, and in millions of yards around the world. Rather than waiting for newly seeded grass to grow around newly constructed homes, and even some commercial businesses, landscapers and builders will lay turf, as it is sometimes known, to speed up the process.

The many benefits of sodded lawns

There are many benefits to choosing a sodded yard over a traditional seeded yard. Only one of which is the decreased wait time for a gorgeous, lush green lawn.

  • Requires Less Irrigation-Sodded lawns typically need to be watered twice a day for about two weeks, whereas seeded lawns will need double that amount for upwards of two months. A sodded lawn means less money in watering.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion-As the sodded grass is already fully mature, the root systems quickly bind themselves into the soil, locking into place and preventing movement of soil, mud, and sand during heavy rains.
  • Makes for a Dense Lawn-Patches of sodding are fitted together tightly so that there will be no gaps, leaving no blank holes to fill. This also prevents the growth of most weeds.
  • Grown by Professional Turfgrass Farmers-These highly trained farmers harvest only the best of sod to be used in yards and on sports fields around the world. Ensuring that the grass is hard, repellent to pests and disease, and of the richest lushest color possible.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a sodded lawn for your home or business, the experts here at HomePro Match are just a call or click away!

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