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8 DIY Outdoor Activities to Keep You Busy at Home

What to do with all this free time? There's nowhere to shop, nowhere to eat, not even a place to get pampered or watch sports! As some of us stay inside to binge-watch shows, read a good book, or bake desserts, there are some of us who enjoy the great outdoors instead. But, if we can't go in our car to travel someplace, what else can we do? Luckily, it's springtime and the weather, for the most part, has been pretty enjoyable. To help with being stuck at home, we've come up with a list of eight outdoor DIY activities to keep you busy!

  1. Plant flowers and vegetables in your backyard.
  2. Garden with Stone Retaining Wall

    What better way to welcome warmer weather than planting some flowers and vegetables?! If you're looking for a way to stay busy outside while also enjoying some beautiful weather, planting a flower garden or a food garden can really boost your spirits.

    Some vegetables that are great to plant in the spring include anything in the lettuce family, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and beets. Some popular flowers to plant in the springtime include tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. For best results, make sure to build a little fence around the flower beds so your plants are better protected.

  3. Tend to any weeds in plants.
  4. If you already have some plants that may have been neglected with your busy schedule, now is a great time to tend to any weeds that have grown around them.

    Yes, regularly checking up on your plants and pulling out weeds is essential to the health of your plants. Give your plants a good clean-up by checking for any signs of weeds.

  5. Fertilize your lawn.
  6. Want a beautiful, green lawn before summer arrives? Now's the perfect time to get started by fertilizing your lawn! With the rain showers that come with April, fertilizing your lawn can't come at a better time.

    Make sure to fertilize your lawn on a dry, sunny day, then let the rain in the coming days help soak the fertilizer into the ground. You'll be thrilled with the finished results!

  7. Trim those shrubs.
  8. Another job that is often overlooked with our busy schedules is trimming shrubbery around our home. Regularly trimming your shrubbery will not only make them look cleaner, but it will also help with curb appeal and the health of your plant and home.

    Depending on their size and where they're located, overgrown shrubbery can cause damage to your home, such as scratches to siding and windows and obscured views outside your windows. Use this time to give your shrubbery a good haircut that will make your neighbors notice!

  9. Re-paint and seal home deck or patio.
  10. DIY Painting Project

    A common ground for gatherings or just enjoying nature by yourself, your deck or patio serves many purposes. To keep it looking fresh and pristine, a new paint and seal job may be needed. After years of being exposed to the sunlight, harsh rains, winds, and possibly snow and ice, your patio or deck really takes a beating from mother nature.

    Spend one of these beautiful spring days re-painting and sealing your deck. If you'd like, you can also have the whole family help out with this project! Just make sure to take certain safety precautions.

  11. Check the health of your roof.
  12. Be honest, you probably never thought to do this unless there was a noticeable leak in your house. Even if your roof seems to be in tip-top shape, it doesn't hurt to give it a little inspection. And no, you don't have to climb on a ladder to do so (we don't want anyone getting injured here). Just take a stroll around your house and look up at your roof to see if there are any noticeable cracks, dents, or holes in the shingles.

    Checking Your Roof

    While inspecting your roof, also inspect the health of your gutters. Do they look clogged? Is a part of your gutter detaching from your home? Both your roof and gutters go hand in hand, so make sure both are up to par! If you do notice any damage, make sure to reach out to a local roofing professional.

  13. Check the health of your foundation.
  14. Another area of your home that isn't paid attention to often is your home's foundation. The foundation of your home is what keeps your home healthy and standing. Because of soil changes, weather conditions, and more, foundations can experience sinking, cracking, dents, and holes just like your roof.

    Inspecting your foundation will be a bit easier than inspecting your roof since everything will be on ground level. When it's bright outside, take a walk around your house and closely inspect your foundation. If you notice any issues, make sure to contact your local foundation repair contractor right away so the problem doesn't get any worse.

  15. Sweep driveway and garage.
  16. With windy weather, lots of foot traffic, and cars driving on them, it's easy for your driveway and garage to become dirty. Leaves, dirt, insects and more can all be scattered around your garage or driveway floor. Take out your broom and sweep away all of this into your yard. You'll be happy you did!

Make the best of your time at home by pampering your outdoor space. Not only will your home thank you, but you'll be thrilled looking at the finished results!

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