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Foundation Raising & Settlement Repair

How does foundation raising & settlement happen?

Foundation raising or foundation underpinning is the process used to raise sinking and settling foundations by supporting them on steel piers. The steel piers are driven into the ground, past the weakened problem soil until they reach bedrock or soil strata that are strong enough to support the weight of the structure. Braces are then used to support and raise the foundation back to its original position.

Push piers, Helical piers, and Slab piers

There are three types of foundation pier systems available through HomePro Match contractors:

  • Push piers are used when the condition of the soil supporting the structure is unknown. Push piers can be driven deeper than other types of piles until they reach soil strata that is capable to securely stabilize and raise the foundation. The installation is fast and performed with minimal disruption, although it does involve some excavation around the foundation.
  • Helical piers have helical plates welded to the shaft. The plates help drive the pile into the ground and provide anchoring strength as they support the structure. Helical piles are versatile and can be installed in areas where there is not a lot of clearance between the building being repaired and the neighbors’ property.
  • Slab piers are designed specifically to support slab-on-grade foundations and can be installed externally or inside the building. Installation is minimally disruptive and the treated area becomes invisible once the holes open to install the piles are covered.

Signs that your home might need foundation underpinning include:

  • Vertical or V-Shaped foundation wall cracks
  • Concrete floor cracks or sinking
  • Drywall cracks, especially around walls and windows
  • Windows and doors that stick or stop working
  • Tilting chimneys

If you suspect that your home might be settling contact HomePro Match to locate a foundation repair expert near you.

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