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Sinkhole Repair

Sinkhole Repair you can trust

Foundation Sinkhole Repair

As you may know, sinkholes are a depression or hole caused by the surface layer collapsing. Sinkholes range from shallow circular holes to large pits that can swallow a house.

Homeowners that live in sinkhole prone areas should be especially vigilant and inspect their home and yard often for signs of sinkhole activity. Such signs include small holes in the ground or foundation cracks. If the sinkhole seems to be threatening the house, get out immediately, report the problem to local authorities and emergency personal, and do not come back until the property is inspected for safety. Next would be calling your insurance company and calling a reputable foundation repair company specialized in Sinkhole Inspection and Repair.

Signs of sinkhole activity

  • Interior and exterior foundation and drywall cracks that appear to be widening.
  • Water stains, due to roof and flashing leaks, appearing on walls and ceilings.
  • Sudden, inexplicable popping and creaking sounds, especially at night.
  • Unleveled floors, windows, and doors that stick or are no longer operating properly.
  • Depressions and holes in the yard.
  • Changes in the yard grading and the presence of soft areas when you walk across them.
  • Lawn dies off for no apparent reason.
  • Leaky swimming pools and driveway cracks.
  • Shifting or tilting fences.

When a structural inspection is finished and the property is cleared for sinkhole repair, don’t attempt to solve it yourself by filling the hole with garbage and debris of any kind. Sinkholes are often connected to groundwater streams and you don’t want to risk polluting them with potentially toxic materials. You also don’t want to solve the problem temporarily, only to see it come back a few years later. Only a reputable, experienced foundation repair company can permanently resolve the problem with the right materials. If you detect signs of sinkhole activity or have an active sinkhole problem, HomePro Match can help you locate a certified and pre-screened sinkhole repair contractor near you.

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