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Foundation Crack Repair

What to do when you spot Foundation Cracks

Exterior Brick Foundation Crack

Cracks in foundation walls and floors are never to be taken lightly. When they are first noticed, they should be noted and monitored because they can be a sign of structural problems. While hairline, vertical cracks in concrete walls may be only fissures that happen during the curing process, all horizontal, stairstep or V-shaped cracks in walls, and large floor cracks need attention and should be inspected by a foundation crack repair specialist.

Foundation Crack Causes

Foundations tend to crack for two reasons:

  • Seasonal movement of the soil around the foundation.
  • Foundation settlement.

It is important to call a foundation crack repair professional to assess the problem as soon as it is noticed since foundation cracks never stabilize and will only get worse. Only an experienced foundation repair contractor can determine the severity of the problem and the best way to repair it.

Foundation crack repair methods

The type and severity of the damage are what will ultimately determine the best solution for each case. Some common foundation crack repair methods include:

  • Flexible foundation crack repair systems - These systems are more suitable for cases where the crack is not a sign of structural problems, but it is allowing water to seep through the walls. These systems are a better alternative to cementitious crack repair kits sold in hardware stores, because they are flexible enough to sustain some wall movement without cracking, and are engineered to collect water seepage and divert it to a compatible interior drainage system.
  • Carbon Fiber Strips – Carbon fiber strips help stabilize walls with horizontal or stairstep cracks to keep them from bowing inwards.
  • Wall Braces & Wall Anchor Systems – These systems work to fix cracks caused by bowing walls. They will stabilize the walls and, in some cases, return them to their original position.
  • Foundation Underpinning – Cracks caused by foundation settlement can be addressed by using steel piers to brace, support and raise the foundation back to its original position. That procedure often closes settlement cracks back up.
  • Structural Grade Polymer Foam – This system is used to raise cracked and settling concrete floor slabs in basements, driveways, decks, patios and pool decks.

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