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French Door Installation & Replacement

The History of French Doors

Originating in France during the 17th Century, French doors started out as floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto pocket-sized balconies. Eventually, these windows were reconfigured into doors, allowing not only sunlight but also fresh air to sweep through living spaces. During this time, these beautiful architectural features were also used to display wealth and station to those who passed by or visited.

Choosing the right Door for your home

With a wide range of materials available today, there are millions of homes across the world that boast the beauty of french doors.

  • Wood -Solid wood can range widely in price, depending on the type chosen. While offering a natural aesthetic with authentic wood grain, it will need maintenance to protect it from the outdoor elements.
  • Steel -Heavier and more solid than wood, steel is better equipped to withstand a break-in or damage to the structure. Steel will need regular maintenance to prevent rust and deterioration.
  • Aluminum -Similar to steel, but lighter and less costly, many doors have an aluminum core to reinforce the overall strength and longevity of the door, while also being highly insulated. Aluminum doors will only need a little maintenance.
  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass has been a go-to option for French Doors in recent years, as it has more tactile flexibility to fit more unique openings. The material is usually more expensive than aluminum, but comes with the added benefit of reduced wear and tear from the elements such as warping or cracking.
  • Clad -This term refers to the practice of “wrapping” a wooden door in another, more durable material, such as vinyl or aluminum, to reinforce the strength and longevity of the doors.

Whatever your style and specific needs, there’s a french door to match it. If you’re thinking about adding a French Door to your home, the experts at HomePro Match are here to help!

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