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Choosing The Right Interior Doors

While exterior doors are important for the aesthetic, energy-efficiency, and security of your home, interior doors play a different role. They are a highly noticeable asset that often goes overlooked in the grand design and functionality of a room.

At HomePro Match, we understand the unique factors that go into choosing the right interior door - let's dive into them together.

Door Materials

While many focus on an interior door's style, the material will dictate its lifespan, durability, and functionality. Depending on the door material, you can better control the noise contamination and comfort level in any given room.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are great for creating a unique, classic looking home. Whether you go for a natural wood look with diverse grain patterns or paint the door to match a specific aesthetic, a wood door is highly customizable.

Also, given a wood door's great insulating value, they can keep rooms comfortable and noise-free.

Solid-Core Doors

While solid-core doors offer the same sound deadening and insulating capabilities as wood, they are more cost-effective. Their exterior is often composed of plywood or an artificial composite and filled with a wood-fiber blend. This gives solid-core doors the same durable feel of wood while also helping it be just as customizable.

Hollow-Core Doors

If you're still looking for a door that offers a wood-aesthetic but saves you even more money, a hollow-core door is the best choice. Its wood-fiber blend exterior mimics a wood structure, but it is completely hollow on the inside. This means it is less durable and does not offer the same insulating features as solid-core or wood doors.

Metal & Glass Doors

While not as common as wood or other standard materials, metal and glass doors are quickly gaining popularity. These doors help homeowners achieve a modest look while also allowing them to save more money.

Metal and glass doors are also cheaper to customize. So, even if you decide to add glass inserts or other distinguishing features, you can still save.

Door Style

Given the model or color of a door, it can either blend into the space or demand attention. An interior door's unique size, opening capability, and aesthetic may also offer more space for easy moving, expanding a room, or even hiding one.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are the standard when it comes to choosing interior doors. They typically come in square or rectangular shapes and can span from one or more panels. Also, while they are the standard choice, there are still fun ways to spruce up these types of doors, like adding glass inserts, rounded tops, or other decorative finishes.

French Doors

French doors are a unique and dramatic addition to any room. With two hinge-hung doors mounted side to side, they provide an extra-wide opening. This creates the illusion of an expansive space while still allowing privacy when needed. This also helps when you need more room for moving or entertaining. French doors are also highly customizable and come with an array of window options, material choices, and colors.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a classic that has recently come back into style. The rolling overhead track allows doors to slide into a prepared space within the wall. Newer styles allow for doors to slide on either side. But, unlike sliding or French doors, pocket doors hide the door when in use. So this gives the illusion of a truly open space while still helping you maintain privacy when needed.

Like French doors, Pocket doors are highly customizable, with an array of materials, window options, privacy solutions, and colors to choose from.

Wall-Mounted Barn Doors

If you're looking to expand a room with a door that stands out, wall-mounted barn doors are a bold choice that offers more space and beauty. Like pocket doors, a barn door glides flat against the wall on a track. The difference between pocket doors and barn doors is that these doors are not hidden, as their sliding capability is often the focal point.

These doors are highly customizable and as the name suggests, could offer a rustic touch to any room. But, depending on the hardware, door materials, and colors, a sleek, modern design can also be achieved.

Interested in installing new interior doors?

If you're still confused about which doors work best for your home, contact a HomePro Match professional today. Our contractors can offer their expertise on which materials and styles can benefit your home the most.

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