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Simple Exterior Door Upgrades With High ROI

Start your exterior door replacement project today

Are you looking for simple home upgrades that offer a high return investment? Exterior door replacements are your best bet. When installed by an expert contractor, front door and garage door upgrades allow you to control your home's security, beauty, and energy efficiency.

Luckily, we pre-screen all of our exterior door professionals, assuring you the most up-to-date solutions for the highest benefit of your home!

An infographic explaining a range of exterior door options for your home.

Entry Door Replacement

When a guest shows up at your doorstep, the view is a part of the first impression. If your entry door looks flimsy and rundown, then that is the impact it will make, which is especially harmful if you plan to sell your home.

Also, a weak entry door may end up costing you more in the long run. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a small 1/8-inch gap will result in as much heat loss as a 2.4-inch hole in the wall.

A new entry door installation can offer as much as a 74.9 percent return investment. While steel front doors can offer up to 101.8 percent upon selling the home. The reason being is that exterior doors are practical and cosmetic,
meaning it will transform the look of your home while offering other cost-benefits.

Proper entry door replacement should cost under $1,000, depending on materials used and embellishments like sidelights and transom windows. While decorative add-ons will raise the price, the added curb appeal will be well worth the cost!

Garage Door Replacement

What homeowners often do not realize is that attached garages are a part of the home's thermal envelope. Given that older garage doors were not designed with enough insulation to preserve the home's comfort and energy efficiency, this often leads to significant heat loss. Also, a poorly protected garage door is susceptible to break-ins, damage, or worse, which could end up costing you more than money.

When it comes to resale value and high return investments, a garage door replacement offers one of the highest values in home improvement at 97.5 percent. Just like replacing a front door, garage door upgrades offer exponential gains in appearance, security, and energy-efficiency.

The average cost of a garage door replacement is about $1,050, and with added upgrades like double layer skins, an
insulating core, or galvanized steel surfaces, the investment is well worth the added protection and overall return.

There is also the benefit of improved technology, such as cell phone operated garage openers, which will add to its operational convenience and the total return of investment.

The Cost of Replacing Exterior Doors

Did you know that something as simple as an exterior door upgrade could offer such a high return? Not only do doors change the entire look of the property, but they also boost home protection and energy efficiency. By simply choosing the best entry and garage door replacements, you can have as high as a 97.5 percent return on your investment.

Start your exterior or garage door replacement project by contacting one of our pre-screened experts today!

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