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Storm Damage Restoration

Nature spares no structure

No matter where you live, there is always the threat of sudden, unpredictable, harsh weather. As human beings, we have endured natural disasters and massive storms for all time, using our buildings and structures to keep us safe. But in doing so, our homes and businesses can take the brunt of the damage, leaving you with a mess to clean up after.

The types of damage that your home or business receives is based on where you live and what kind of storm or weather event has happened. With the most common types of storms recorded in North America being tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms, many parts of the country experience frequent high wind speeds, falling trees and impact damage to various parts of their homes and properties. Roofing, siding, guttering, and even windows and doors can be damaged, or possibly destroyed by flying debris and falling trees.

But the danger doesn’t only come with extreme weather. A simple thunderstorm or wind storm can also do damage to your home. These storms are usually caused by a sudden drop in pressure, so they are almost impossible to reliably predict.

Why it’s best to leave it to the Pro’s

When a weather event strikes and damage has been done to your home, a full service restoration company can work with your insurance provider on the cost of restoration services, taking much of the stress off of home or business owner shoulders. These professional contractors provide debris removal, hail damage repair to various parts of the home, restoration of home utility systems, window and door replacement and more.

If your home or business has been damaged in a weather event, the experts at HomePro Match are here to help!

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