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Greenhouse & Conservatory Installation

Why Install A Greenhouse or Conservatory on your Property?

Millions of Americans enjoy the hobby of gardening, and tending to plant life can be extremely rewarding. Some benefits include natural herbs and spices, fresh produce, and even medicinal plants. However, many of us don’t live in perfectly temperate climates, making year-round gardening endeavors significantly more difficult.

Luckily, there are options for indoor gardening with greenhouses and conservatories! Depending on your preference, and the dedication to your garden, one of these structures may be right for you. Greenhouses and conservatories are designed to cater mostly to plants, providing a warm environment meant to maximize growth.

The difference between the two types of builds is relatively small:

  • Greenhouses are stand-alone structures that rely on solar and thermal energy for warmth and humidity. This makes Greenhouses worthwhile investments for the die-hard horticulturalists.
  • Conservatories are more of an outdoor living room where plants can be sheltered from the elements, sometimes using a home’s own heating system. A conservatory might be good for a more casual hobbyist.

Materials & The Design Process

For the framing of the structure, pillars, supports, and straps are used to create the skeleton of your new addition. With a variety of materials to choose from, including wood, aluminum, and steel, you can control the quality and durability of the frame. Though steel is the strongest of these materials, wood or aluminum would be better for added insulation, which is only too important when dealing with delicate plant life.

To find out what is best for you, your home, and your plants, reach out to a trusted local contractor today!

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