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Garage Installation

Do you need a new garage?

Despite being a staple of American homes, not every residence has a garage, meaning some of us must dash to the car in the rain, or shiver it out as we clear the snow off them. While this may not be a world-ending problem, it’s certainly not ideal, either.

Far from being just a place to park, a new garage can offer a multitude of benefits and uses, allowing for freedom of design in attached or detached structures, and flexible costs. A garage also has the added benefit of being a huge draw for potential homeowners in the event of a sale.

Why should you hire a professional for Garage Construction?

Of course, as with any large construction process, much thought and consideration must go into each step. The first would be if it is even feasible to build a new garage. There could be code restrictions that limit what you are able to do, or how you can do it. A good way to check is by reaching out to a licensed professional to assist with the project.

Probably the largest choice that you’ll have to make is whether you’d prefer an attached or detached garage. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Attached garage: more convenient for bad weather and accessibility to the home, but could pose a security threat if someone manages to get inside.

Detached garage: good if you have a large property, or are looking to expand the structure in the future. They can also provide a sharp boost in terms of curb appeal.

It’s important to remember that if you’re looking to build a multi-car garage, the price will go up as opposed to a single-car garage. The garage should be able to comfortably and safely store all your vehicles and whatever else you choose to keep there. If you choose to finish the interior or add more than the bare utilities that are dictated by code, this will also cause the price to go up.

If you think that you could benefit from a new garage, reach out to the experts at HomePro Match today!

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