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Tree Treatment, Protection, & Maintenance

Tree Treatment

Trees are unfortunately not immune to disease and can suffer a variety of problems caused by various bacteria's and fungi. Some common types of diseases include:

  • Root rot
  • Cankers
  • Needle case diseases
  • Vascular diseases
  • Wilt diseases
  • Anthracnose diseases
  • And more

If you notice signs of any of these diseases, you should contact a tree treatment contractor right away. Many of these problems can be cured or at least minimized if you act quickly. The actual treatment will vary depending on the disease and your specific type of tree.

Tree Protection

Trees can be a very useful part of any property, but during construction, they are often at risk of damage. If you are having major construction done on your property, you might want to get help from a tree protection contractor.

Tree protection methods focus on three areas in particular: the roots, trunk, and crown. These are the parts of the tree that are the most sensitive to damage. The type of protection used will vary depending on the type of tree, the size, and various other factors. Some common methods include fencing and trenching.

Tree maintenance

If you want your trees to remain as healthy as possible, they will need to be well maintained. Some common types of tree maintenance include:

  • Pruning/Trimming: Not only does trimming help maintain your tree’s beauty, but it also helps to remove dead branches and make room for new ones.
  • Soil testing: Tree issues are often linked to issues with the soil, like a high pH level or a lack of minerals. By testing your soil, you can see if improvements need to be made so your trees can thrive.
  • Mulch: By applying mulch around your tree, you not only improve the general look, but also provide some valuable insulation to help protect it from severe temperature swings.
  • Winterization: While many trees are quite sturdy during the winter, those cold months can still be a problem, especially for types of trees that may be native to more southerly areas. In this case, you might consider applying tarping and other winterization methods to make sure they get through the winter smoothly.

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