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DIY vs. Professional Tree Service | Should I Hire Someone for Tree Trimming?

Tree Service

DIY vs. Professional Tree Service | Should I Hire Someone for Tree Trimming?

September 16, 2021

Should you hire a local tree service company or attempt tree service on your own?

DIY Tree Service

As the popularity of DIY home improvements continues to soar, it's important to consider the cost, safety risks, and time spent to "do it yourself." After adding up all of these factors, sometimes it makes more financial sense to call a professional.

Today we're diving deep into the risks and benefits of DIY tree pruning, shrub removal, tree stump removal, and our other favorite tree trimming services to help you make the most informed decision.

Safety first

Professional arborists are thoroughly trained to deal with potentially unsafe situations, from being twenty feet or more in the air, to safely removing hundred-year-old stumps without causing damage to the surrounding property or themselves.

Some of the major dangers to consider when planning DIY tree service include:

  • Insects & animals- Most of us don't have the proper gear that professionals use to protect themselves from common bites and stings. DIY tree service could expose nonprofessionals to aggressive critters who have made a home in their tree, leaving them particularly vulnerable if they're at a significant height on a ladder.
  • Equipment injuries- Even if someone considers themselves a seasoned DIYer, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to using heavy, dangerous power tools without proper training. The risks of an accidental amputation or other slices and lacerations from chainsaws, axes, and even pruning shears are often overlooked but increase greatly when the operator has little to no experience using these tools.
  • Falling & being struck- According to the CDC, these are the two most common accidents associated with DIY tree cutting. Being struck by a fallen branch or limb, or falling off of a ladder or roof can cause serious injury or worse.

Are you really saving?

After adding up the costs of safe, reliable equipment, proper protective gear, and the time spent working on tree jobs, are you really saving by tackling it all on your own? Let's dissect some of the common costs associated with DIY tree servicing.

Tree trimming tools & equipment

When it comes to purchasing tree trimming equipment, quality is important. These tools are tasked with huge jobs that require immense power and without quality tools, a DIYer risks personal injury or significant wear and tear to their machine after just one project. Let's consider the market prices for these common tree trimming tools:

  • Hand saws $10- $20
  • Pruners $10- $40
  • Polesaws $100- $150 +
  • Hand pruners $50 - $100
  • Tree loppers $30- $100
  • A variety of axes $100 +
  • Hedge trimmers $25- $150
  • Hatchets $75- $100
  • Most importantly, the chainsaw - $100- $3k +

That's a lot of cheddar! And each item serves a unique purpose for trees, shrubs, and other plants that require maintenance. After factoring the prices of these essential items, plus a homeowner's valuable time, is anyone really saving money doing it all on their own?

Time spent

In addition to the cost of tools and equipment, consider the added hours a DIYer will spend taking breaks to move their ladder and collect fallen debris because they lack the necessary climbing and rigging equipment that professional arborists have. Plus, the physical toll that this labor takes on an inexperienced homeowner without the proper gear may lead to even more hours spent recovering from soreness or injuries.

Curb appeal

Many DIYers have a vision for their home improvement projects. After viewing countless YouTube tutorials and blog posts, they feel confident in their approach to refinishing furniture, remodeling, or even larger undertakings.

Tree pruning and tree servicing, however, is a whole different ball-game. Arborists are professionally trained and yield the proper tools required to shape trees, shrubs, and other plants on a given property. They can also remove limbs without damaging the remainder of a tree or leaving it looking strange.

A large misshapen tree or badly-pruned bushes and shrubs in front of a home can be major eyesores. Homeowners have to consider the craftsmanship and expertise associated with hiring professional tree service contractors. They know how to get the most out of any landscaping job and how to highlight the best parts of a lawn.

If you're considering DIY tree service removal, keep in mind the safety, financial, and aesthetic risks to you and your property. If you've decided to acquire a professional opinion, or need to talk out your goals with a trained specialist, the matchmakers at HomePro Match can help pair you with a trusted tree service contractor in your area.


For more information on tree service options, contact a HomePro Match tree service contractor today!

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