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Chimney & Fireplace Repair

Enjoy peace of mind with certified chimney repair.

There are several parts that make up the anatomy of your chimney and fireplace, all of which are equally important to preserving the function and integrity of the structure. As such, there are many types of repairs that you may need to tackle at some point.

The different types of repair range from reflashing to complete chimney rebuilding. Depending on what kind of damage is affecting your home, you will have different scopes of work to deal with.

One of the most common types of damage to afflict chimneys is the deterioration of mortar joints. However, the problems with mortar joints are mostly impossible to see from the ground. For this reason, it’s important to have annual inspections with a professional and if any damage is noticed, it should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Once the joints have started to fail, the damage can accelerate quickly.

Another area that should be carefully kept after is the crown. The chimney’s crown is the piece that takes the most damage on a daily basis, as it’s exposed to the elements and faces the sun constantly. Once the crown fails, the interior of the chimney will be more vulnerable to these outdoor elements.

Is it too late to get my chimney repaired?

If there is enough damage to your chimney, you could have to consider completely rebuilding it. This will be the best option if multiple areas of your chimney need repair.

The nature of chimney repairs makes them more technical and involved than can be handled by the typical DIYer. Reach out to a certified professional and get your repairs started today!

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