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Decks Articles

4 Benefits Of Installing An Underdeck System

Do you have a second-story deck? Is the area under your deck unsightly, under-utilized, unorganized, or just blah? By installing an underdeck system you can convert the space under your deck into a well-designed, usable space. What is an underdeck system? An underdeck system includes a ceiling, typically corrugated, under a second-story deck that is connected to a gutter system. This system is designed to collect water from above and move it away from the house so the area below can rema...

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How To Clean And Seal A Deck

Trying to decide the best finishing option for your deck? Let HomeProMatch help connect you to your local decking contractor and get started today!...

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Decks Vs Patios

Looking to create an outdoor entertaining space, but are unsure of what type of environment you're looking for? The experts here at HomeProMatch can help!...

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Four Tips To Transition Your Deck To Summer

Looking to refresh your decking for summer and all the party opportunities that come with it? HomeProMatch can help you get started with a decking contractor near you!...

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