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4 Benefits of Installing an Underdeck System


4 Benefits of Installing an Underdeck System

July 18, 2019

Do you have a second-story deck? Is the area under your deck unsightly, under-utilized, unorganized, or just blah? By installing an underdeck system you can convert the space under your deck into a well-designed, usable space.

What is an underdeck system?

An underdeck system includes a ceiling, typically corrugated, under a second-story deck that is connected to a gutter system. This system is designed to collect water from above and move it away from the house so the area below can remain dry.

The benefits of an underdeck system

There are numerous benefits of having an underdeck system installed, but the advantages will vary from homeowner to homeowner. Which of the benefits below resonates most with you?

  1. Increase outdoor living space

    If you already have a second-story deck or plan to install a deck, by default you'll be creating an open area underneath. Many homeowners often don't know what to do with this open area, so it's left neglected. Stake a claim on this unused space and transform it into a patio or otherwise usable area by installing an underdeck system. This is a quick solution, typically one to two days of work, to add even more outdoor living space to your home.

  2. Create a weather-friendly outdoor living space

    You already have a deck and, while that's a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space, unless you have an awning, canopy, or large deck umbrella, you're at a disadvantage during rain, extreme heat, and other weather conditions that may require shelter. By transforming the space under your deck with an underdeck system, you'll have a refuge from adverse weather.

  3. Reduce the risk of mold or mildew under your deck

    The area under your deck doesn't get as much sun, plus it collects the moisture that falls from the deck boards, so it's prone to mold and mildew. Once formed outdoors, mold can find its way indoors, causing structural damage to the home and health issues for your family. Additionally, exterior mold and mildew can further damage your home by eating away building materials, lowering its overall value, and diminishing its overall image. The gutter integration of an underdeck system will guide mold and mildew-causing moisture away from your home, keeping the area under your deck dry.

  4. Improve the look of your home

    With an underdeck system installed, you're able to transform the area under your deck however you desire. Some possibilities include:

    This is a versatile space that you can design to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Get Started!

Is installing an underdeck system on your summer to-do list? If you're planning to do the installation on your own, be sure to research the best materials to use for your home and measure thrice before you begin. If you prefer to hire a professional underdeck system installation crew, HomePro Match can help pair you with a local company.

Get the process rolling today, so you can enjoy more time outdoors this summer!

For more information on decks options, contact a HomePro Match decks contractor today!

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