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Crawl Space Waterproofing & Encapsulation Articles

Does Your Crawl Space Need A Vapor Barrier?

Here at HomeProMatch, we value the saftey and comfort of our customers--which is why we're here to share with you all the benefits of installing a crawl space vapor barrier in your home!...

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Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Stop Radon?

Can crawl space encapsulation help to reduce radon levels? HomeProMatch is here with all the answers!...

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What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

HomePro Match takes a closer look at Crawl Space Encapsulation and the risks of exposed, unsealed crawl spaces compared to the benefits of a full encapsulated crawl space....

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What You Need To Know About Vapor Barriers

Conditioning your crawlspace is the smart thing to do, learn about our vapor barriers and get in touch with your local crawlspace contractor today!...

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Crawl Spaces In Flood Zones

Following these few tips from our experts at HomeProMatch can save you money on flood insurance, provide ways to seal your crawl space and drain your foundation!...

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Crawl Spaces And Cold Feet

Insulating your Crawl Space can help keep your toes warm all winter long. Learn about the added benefits of a full crawl space encapsulation and get in touch with your local crawl space contractor with HomeProMatch!...

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What's In Store For Your Crawl Space Floor?

Flooring in a crawl space can be a complicated project to take on. Here at HomeProMatch our experts can help you find the best way to seal your space, and connect you with the contractor right for the job!...

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Should I Close My Crawl Space Vents In The Winter?

Why worry about those vents in your crawl space? There might be a few reasons. Learn all about it today from the experts at HomeProMatch!...

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The Crawl Space Argument: Open (Vented) Vs Closed (Encapsulated)

Unsure of whether to invest in a full encapsulation? HomeProMatch has put together a "battle of the Crawl Spaces" to help you decide the best option for your home!...

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