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Bay Window Installation & Replacement

Bay windows dress up any part of the home they are installed in. They are defined as any type of window that protrudes from the exterior of the house, while forming a “bay” inside. Bay windows are usually made in angles of 90, 130, and 150 degrees, and can also include a seat or storage on the interior beneath the glass. These types of windows make a stunning presentation on both the interior and exterior of the home. Because they offer a greater range of positioning and angles, they allow more light to enter the home, and give you a larger view into the outdoors. Bay windows extend outward from the house, which means that they need additional support. When considering the location for your bay window, you need to look not only at where you want it aesthetically but also where it will fit functionally. The area you install your bay window in must have an eave or an overhang from the roof directly above it.

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