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Lead Abatement

Prevent lead poisoning with lead abatement from a certified contractor

Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal that, unfortunately, has been used in a wide range of materials, including paint, gasoline, pipes, and more. While the use of lead has decreased somewhat due to a greater understanding of the health risks, many homes still have excess amounts of lead, often in the form of leaded paint.

If you have excess lead in your home, it can cause serious damage with long term exposure, whether through ingestion or inhalation. Children are particularly vulnerable, since lead exposure can affect the development of the brain and nervous system. Adults however, are also not safe, as lead can increase the risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage.

Luckily, there is a solution- lead abatement. Lead abatement refers to activities designed to lessen the amount of lead in your home. If you think that you might have high amounts of lead in your home or have tested with an unusually high blood lead level, then an experienced lead abatement contractor can help. Make sure you contact your certified professional right away.

Types of Lead Abatement

  • Enclosure: With this solution, the source of the lead, generally paint, is covered. Usually, this involves putting a wall covering on a large wall of lead paint.
  • Replacement: The part of the home covered with lead, like a door or window, is completely removed from the home and then replaced with a new one that doesn’t contain lead.
  • Paint Removal: If the source of the lead is just your paint and is widespread, then the paint can be completely removed. This creates lead dust, therefore you should work with a professional who is certified to do this work.
  • Encapsulation: This is similar to enclosure, except the area isn’t only covered, but also sealed with a specific coating. While not viable for all surfaces, this is often one of the more affordable options.

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