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Carpentry & Woodworking

Make improvement and repairs with a professional carpenter or woodworker

Carpenters and woodworkers are both highly-skilled home improvement contractors, each capable of remedying unique issues throughout your home or business. HomePro Match can help you identify the key differences between these two professionals, and help you determine which contractor you’ll need for your specific project.
While there is still some debate about the specifics, a woodworker is generally involved in crafting intricate details with wood. If you want custom cabinetry or engravings for your furniture, then a woodworker is likely who you’ll want to get in touch with. Carpenters are more practically focused, and are generally your best option if you want to repair cabinets, squeaky stairs, or fix some other issues with wooden elements around your home.

What kind of tasks can carpenters & woodworkers handle?

  • Adding crown molding: Crown molding can be a beautiful addition to your walls and cabinets. It takes a keen eye to ensure the molding is correctly installed and the designs are precisely carved. This is best left to a professional woodworker.
  • Repairing cabinets: Cabinets are used frequently and vulnerable to wear and tear. A carpenter can repair minor cabinet issues before they can become serious, while also updating the look of your kitchen.
  • Fixing squeaky or loose stairs: Squeaky steps can cause major irritation, but a professional carpenter can repair these problems quickly and easily. Carpenters can also take care of other stair issues like loose handrails.
  • Framing doors: If you have a door that doesn’t open or close properly, the issue may be your door frame. A carpenter can take a look and adjust the door frame to make sure your door fits perfectly and operates smoothly.
  • Window frame repairs: Window frames are constantly exposed to the elements, often causing wooden frames to crack or rot. A carpenter can repair these issues so you don’t have to replace the whole frame right away.

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