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Interior Painting & Staining

Make your interior bright with interior painting & staining

Whether it’s your walls, furniture, or other accessories throughout the house, sometimes a little TLC is needed to give them their best look. In some cases, this means painting or staining your interior.

When to use paint and when to use stain

It is important to note the main differences between painting and staining, and when it’s best to use each around your home.

Painting- paint is used to completely cover surfaces due to its non-porous nature. Paint can be used on anything, from drywall to wood, if you wish to completely give it a brand new look.

Staining- stain is used to accent surfaces, particularly wooden surfaces. Due to its porous nature, stain seeps into the material it is coated over. Wooden surfaces are particularly great to stain because the wood absorbs the stain to give it a darker or lighter tone. Stain should not be used on drywall though, since the drywall material does not absorb stains, therefore not effectively giving you the color tone you desire.

Although being interior, both paint and stain can still be exposed to outdoor elements such as the sun. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause paint and stain to fade in color. Stains that are not protected can also be more exposed to water stains if the surface comes in contact with water or any other liquid. Paint can also chip and flake over time with age, or from accidentally scraping or scratching the surface.

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