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10 Budget Friendly Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Tips and tricks to improve your homes exterior

Whether you're looking to sell your home, or are just looking for ways to beautify your space, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and be difficult to know where to start. A little curb appeal can do a great deal in raising your home's resale value, and luckily there can be great return value in relatively low budget landscaping projects. To help you get started, the experts at HomeProMatch have put together some curb appeal ideas that won't necessarily break the bank.

    1. Paint or refinish your front door

Giving your front door a makeover with a bright shade that's bound to stand out and pull your attention from the street, is a great place to start. Color suggestions include emerald greens, indigos, plums and raisins. You could go the opposite way with a cheery yellow or turquoise, or stick with neutrals and choose a cool grey or even black.

If you have a wooden door, maybe a few simple coats of stain and varnish are all it needs to come back to life again! Such a small change can make a huge difference, so look into a painting contractor, here on HomeProMatch.

    2. Replace or upgrade door hardware

A simple way to give your entry door a face lift is to replace the hardware. There are a variety of styles and finishes available to add interest to your entryway, allowing for your own personal taste and sense of style. This can be a relatively cheap project to undertake, especially if you go through an online retailer or flea market to purchase your chosen hardware, and then do the install yourself.

    3. Upgrade entryway accessories

Another easy way to brighten up a space could be to refresh some additional hardware around your door, such as the light fixture, mailbox/mail slot, and doorbell. Though these things may not be as often focused on, they could be used to add to the overall theme and feel of your entryway.

    4. Add or upgrade your street numbers

Like with the other accessories near your entryway, street numbers can be a great way to set the mood and tone of your home. There are a million and one fonts and styles/materials to choose from, and it can be fun finding a set that resonates with you and your home. You can also customize the placement of your street numbers- maybe you want them set up on the mailbox, or up by the front door, or both!

    5. Edge and mulch plant beds

To quickly tie your yard together, line your plant beds with rocks or paver stones. Adding mulch gives dimension and provides a nice solid background to work from. The two most common colors of mulch are black and red pine straw mulch, as these look the most natural. Front yard landscaping plays a huge role in the first impression of a house, and if you're looking to sell, nothing helps like a cheery front yard. Look into contacting a landscaping contractor to help you plan out a space that fits you and your home.

    6. Light the driveway or walkway

Illuminating the driveway and walking path to your home can go a long way in adding ambiance at night, and can also serve as an early deterrent for burglars, as it is much harder to sneak into a house that is well lit. Adding lighting can also help to cut back on accidents that could occur when coming and going from the house at night. This can be a very quick and easy project to undertake, especially if you're interested in using the traditional solar lawn lamps that you simply push into the ground.

    7. Add some eye catching architectural details

Shutters, window boxes, and additional decorative molding around doorways can do a lot by way of creating an interesting and engaging space. Flea markets are a great place to look for decently priced vintage molding, and you can also check antique salvage and resale shops for good quality vintage pieces to add interest to the space.

    8. Pick hardy plants for your front lawn/porch planters

When looking for flowers for your front lawn or porch, keep in mind the light conditions of your space. Plants can really go that extra mile in making your home feel light and inviting, but they should be well maintained and healthy. If you're in a dry climate, ornamental grasses like Lavender, Salvia, Yarrow and Sage are safe bets to incorporate into your landscaping.

    9. Hide unsightly hardware

No one enjoys the sight of a big old A/C unit stuck to the side of their house, or the boxes and pipes that draw the eye away from carefully crafted aesthetics- and in some HOAs it is within the rules that no electrical appliance should be visible from the street. You can plant some leafy bushes, or even throw some lattice fencing up around the unit itself. As for those unsightly boxes and pipes, try painting them the same color as your siding, and watch as those glaring distractions just fade away.

    10. Upgrade your mailbox

There are a few ways to spruce up your outdated mailbox, so you can have some fun with a design that will match you and your home. Big-box department stores carry precast facades, mailbox cases, and wraps to improve the appearance of your mailbox. Another simple way to pretty up your mailbox is to add some landscaping around it- it's amazing what a few flowers will do.

There are countless projects that can take your front yard and entryway to a whole new level, without having to spend an arm and a leg for a nicer aesthetic. With some simple upgrades, a few coats of paint, and a little bit of gardening, you can level up your home's curb appeal, and it's resale value with just a bit of time and elbow grease! Here at HomePro Match, we look forward to helping you create that space. Contact us today!

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