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Duct & Ductwork Installation

Enjoy efficient and comfortable temperatures with professional duct & ductwork installation

Ductwork is a key part of any HVAC system. This network of tubes runs through the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home and carries heated and cooled air to and from your HVAC system. You could say it is the bloodstream of your home, and like the bloodstream, it is very important that the system works properly. If you need ductwork installed or need to replace some existing ductwork, make sure to work with an experienced contractor and choose the right type of ductwork for your home.

Types of ducts

  • Flexible Ducts: This type of ductwork consists of round tubes made of steel wire and durable plastic. Unlike rigid ducts, flexible ducts are true to their name- they are flexible and a great fit for tight spaces that could otherwise make installation tricky. They are also resistant to mold and rust while being the second most inexpensive option.
  • Rigid Ducts: Unlike flexible ducts, rigid ducts cannot bend and therefore can be harder to install in tight spaces. However, they don't tear, puncture, and aren’t at risk of restricting airflow due to bends or kinks.

There are three main materials used:

  1. Sheet Metal Ducts: Consisting of either galvanized steel or aluminum, these types of ducts are lightweight, mold resistant, and durable. The only real downside is that the joints can experience leaks.
  2. Fiberglass Lined Ducts: These ducts are actually sheet metal ducts, but with fiberglass lining inside or outside. This provides some inbuilt insulation, but the fiberglass does make cleaning more difficult, mold more likely, and can pose health risks as the fiberglass deteriorates over time (releasing fibers into the air). A skilled HVAC contractor can potentially prevent many of these issues though with a careful installation.
  3. Fiberboard Ducts: This material consists of fiberglass fibers that have been compressed and sealed. These ducts are naturally insulated and are the most inexpensive option, but they do suffer from the same potential downsides as fiberglass lined ducts and often have less efficient airflow.
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