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3 Pros Basement Systems provides waterproofing, crawl space, & foundation repair in Sterling, Arlington, Woodbridge, and Nearby in VA. With over 20 years of experience, they can create a more comfortable and healthy home.  Sump pump installation, basement crack repair, basement wall repair, and dehumidification services are also available. Comfenergy 3 Pros Basement Systems has earned the rank 2701 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Services Provided

  • +Basement Waterproofing

    • Basement Dehumidifiers
    • Basement Floor Crack Repair
    • Basement Mold Remediation
    • Basement Wall Crack Repair
    • Basement Window Installation & Replacement
    • Basement Window Well Installation & Replacement
    • Interior Basement Waterproofing
  • +Crawl Space Waterproofing & Encapsulation

    • Crawl Space Access Doors
    • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
    • Crawl Space Drainage Systems
    • Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair
    • Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation
    • Crawl Space Sump Pump Repair
    • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
    • Crawl Space Vent Covers
    • Dig Out Crawl Spaces

Company Highlights

  • Financing offered
By Deepika
Good job done. 
By Isabella
Thank you! It was a painless process! 
By Michelle
We liked the flexible options and technology for waterproofing the basement. Thanks for helping our basement! 
Customer called due to damage in basement from a water leak and was serviced with basement waterproofing and a new sump pump.  
By Joy
Great price and solution offered. 
By Lillian
Daniel did an excellent job explaining the work and answered all my questions. 
By Mary
The team at 3 Pros Basement Systems quickly helped me with my sump pump issues. My previous system was old and very outdated and was no longer doing it's job. Cyrus came out and did an amazing job installing my new sump system. I am very pleased with the service I received. 
By Melissa
Super people!!!
By Bilge
Great Quality and Craftsmanship. 
By Julie
Thank you so much!! 
By Allison
By Megan
By Keitha
By brian
By Caren
By Joel
By Jason
By Ray
By George
By Charley
Sharon H.
Herndon, VA
  "This company did an outstanding job under our house which was soggy and very badly mildewed. The odor penetrated our entire house. They cleaned it up and placed a strong secure lining with a waffled flooring underneath. Later we found out after quite a bit of rain the lining turned into a waterbed under the house lol. But they came out and installed several sump pumps and we've been great ever since. No one minds when they have to go under the house to work. I highly recommend this company for work around your house."
Len M.
Reston, VA
"Great Job. Brent was on time, professional and knowledgeable!  I am pleased to have him and his company test and check our crawl space and attic installation annually."
Val M.
Great Falls, VA
"I was very impressed with the services provided by 3 Pros Basement Systems. Spencer, the technician, was polite, helpful, and knowledgeable in his technical field. He helped solve our problem. We will definitely use 3 Pros services again."
Anthony C.
Chantilly, VA
"Brent  did a fantastic job! What a professional....He called the day prior to verify the wall had been demoed and was ready for the repair the leak coming thru my foundation. He sent a text message that morning with an ETA and arrived as expected. Prior to starting the work he ran thru the details and asked if I had any questions. Throughout the process he showed the work that had been completed and continued to ask if I had any questions. Great experience and will call them again if I have another leak in my basement."
K. H.
Chantilly, VA
Brought up the schedule as requested, and got the job done earlier than expected. 
Steve P.
Centreville, VA
"Robert, Brent and Danny were all very polite and knowledgeable. They answered all questions that were posed to them. They worked very quick and did the job as agreed. Very pleased with the basement and attic repair and will have them back for any future projects they have suggested."
Kim V.
Alexandria, VA
"3 Pros Basement Systems performed several different service steps in helping to address issues we had with rodents. Crawl space encapsulation.Sealed wall space under stairs at the front of the house with copper mesh and foam sealant. The team came on time, worked efficiently and cleaned up afterword. I recommend this company, they did a great job."
Billy M.
Fairfax, VA
Got out of his way to get the job done quickly and warned me about having my infant in the house when they break out, really appreciate that. Communicative, competitive pricing.
Steve M.
Falls Church, VA
Our salesperson was very pleasant. He was new and a little inexperienced but he did a great job. The production crew was outstanding! They were professional and communicated with me the entire time, which I very much appreciated. 
Victoria Z.
Clifton, VA
"I am so relieved that my new basement system is installed and running to provide a cleaner air environment in my basement. Brent was very patient and professional, taking time to explain everything about my new system and answering my questions without frustration. I really appreciate when a service tech takes time to explain the way things work to the consumer so I know what to do and when to call in the future."
C. K.
Alexandria, VA
The crew was fast, hardworking, and cleaned up the work area. 
Katie C.
Harpers Ferry, WV
"I just wanted to provide feedback that Brent was the service person that came to correct the issues he found. He is extremely professional and a great representative for your company. He deserves a raise. It is quite unusual to find someone that is so committed to the company they work for and puts customers first. He is a great person to invest in as a company."   
John C.
Springfield, VA
We loved the information that the 3 Pros team shared with us. They are experts in the field and provided us with lots of knowledge. We highly recommend them. 
Ben and Lynn K.
Alexandria, VA
"Thank you 3 Pros Basement Systems! From the consulting process to the installation- we couldn't be happier. Raddie walked us through the entire process, what we needed to keep water from getting into our basement, and different price points... he's very knowledgeable. The crew - Alvaro, Anthony, and Sam - were on time and professional. Alvaro was thorough in walking us through exactly what he was doing beforehand. The crew completed the project in two days, and left the work area spotless! We are extremely satisfied. And you can't beat the pricing!"
E. R.
Woodbridge, VA
We appreciated the info that was provided and their proprietary system. They were all very professional. 
Robert M.
Woodbridge, VA
The salesperson did a great job and the crew was great. Excellent work! 
G. K.
Alexandria, VA
The sales professional did a great job explaining everything and the crew did great work! 
Shruti G.
Fort Belvoir, VA
"I contacted 3 Pros to inspect and repair a water leak in the basement. Pedro responded pretty quickly and came over the next day to identify the source of the leak. It turned out that the leak was coming from the water heater which was long due for replacement. Pedro was very professional, kind, and knowledgeable about the problem and gave us sound advice on what kind of water heater to order and how to salvage our basement flooring from mold. He really didn’t have to help us but he went out of his way to give us suggestions for a DIY project.3 Pros will be on my speed dial for future waterproofing projects and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for quick, fair and exceptional customer service for basement waterproofing. Thank you Pedro!"
Sean O.
Lorton, VA
Job was scheduled when I called. Excellent crew. Very professional. Mohammed did a great job as lead.
Will G.
Woodbridge, VA
Crew was excellent!
  • Window Well Replacement Sterling VA - Before Photo
    Window Well Replacement Sterling VA - After Photo

    Window Well Replacement Sterling VA

    We removed the existing window well for this Sterling VA home because it was collecting water rather than keeping it away from the windows.  The leaking windows lead the water into the basement of the home.  We replaced it with our Sun House window well and cover.  

  • Sterling VA Cold Basement Project - Before Photo
    Sterling VA Cold Basement Project - After Photo

    Sterling VA Cold Basement Project

    This Sterling VA basement was too cold and the homeowners wanted to change that.  They called us and had one of our Basement Performance experts (Carl) come out to see how we could help.  Carl identified a need to air seal and insulate the top of the basement walls.  This would not only insulate the space better than it had been, but it would also eliminate the ability for cold outside air to come inside. Outside air could bring not only cold temperatures, but dust and allergens inside of the home.  Sealing up the space with spray foam was the solution. 

  • Leesburg VA Crawlspace Upgrade - Before Photo
    Leesburg VA Crawlspace Upgrade - After Photo

    Leesburg VA Crawlspace Upgrade

    This Leesburg, VA home was suffering from a high risk of water damage and mold growth, and a musty odor that was permeating the home. This was having a serious negative impact on the comfort level of the home. When our sales professional Matt went out to the property to perform a full home inspection, he determined that the best course of action to end their discomfort would be to waterproof the primary areas of concern namely the crawlspace. Matt explained to the homeowners that the primary cause of their discomfort was the complete lack of adequate waterproofing within the crawlspace. After the homeowners agreed to Matt's solution our service crews went out to get to work on the home. The crews started by removing the old inadequate tarp that served as the only method of waterproofing. Then they Installed TerraBlock floor insulation in the crawlspace. After that, they installed CleanSpace covering to add an additional layer of waterproofing. Finally, the crew added SilverGlo rigid foam insulation to the walls to act as a final layer of insulation to keep the home comfortable.

  • Leesburg VA Crawl Space Solution - Before Photo
    Leesburg VA Crawl Space Solution - After Photo

    Leesburg VA Crawl Space Solution

    This Leesburg VA crawl space was in bad shape before our Home Performance Sales Pro Eric came out to perform a free home inspection.  Eric was able to identify a need for our CleanSpace and SilverGlo  products to help manage the water and moisture in the crawl space and keep the space properly insulated.  This will help improve the air quality of the home as well as the comfort and energy efficiency.  

  • Leesburg VA Basement Waterproofing Discharge Lines - Before Photo
    Leesburg VA Basement Waterproofing Discharge Lines - After Photo

    Leesburg VA Basement Waterproofing Discharge Lines

    This Leesburg VA home had a full basement waterproofing project done.  The interior of the home was equipped with a full Water Guard System to collect and deliver unwanted water to the newly installed Ultra Sump Pump which would then send the water outside of the home.  In order to keep that same water from working its way back to the foundation of the home, it would need to be sent far away from the home.  After installing the discharge lines from the outside of the home and Ice Guard to keep the pipes from freezing up, several feet of Lawn Escape was buried in the ground and finished with a grate cover to allow the water to move down hill into the back yard of the home, away from the house.  

  • CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Herndon, VA - Before Photo
    CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Herndon, VA - After Photo

    CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Herndon, VA

    A homeowner in Herndon, VA wanted to reduce the chances of mold and humidity in their crawl space area. This crawl space was vented, like most homes in our area, and the vents let warm humid air in which is cooled by the subterranean crawl space. This causes relative humidity to go way up and condensation to form all over the crawl space surfaces including floor joists and ducts. Then mold can grow, wood will rot, and musty odors can appear. To address this, the 3 Pros team sealed up the vents and a dimpled plastic drainage matting is installed on the floor to create a thermal break. A heavy duty liner, CleanSpace, is installed across the floor over the matting and up the walls. Finally closed cell spray foam is installed on the walls to the top of the rim joist. 

  • Insulation Makeover In This Crawl Space - Before Photo
    Insulation Makeover In This Crawl Space - After Photo

    Insulation Makeover In This Crawl Space

    When our team arrived to this job, the crawl space was in bad shape. Fiberglass batt insulation was falling off the ceilings/walls due to being so heavy with moisture. Not only was this making the insulation completely ineffective, it also was a breeding ground for pests and mold. To fix this situation and make the customer's home healthier, we removed the dirty insulation, installed drainage matting and CleanSpace Wallie to encapsulate the crawl space, and applied spray foam insulation to the walls and joists.

  • Herndon, VA Crawlspace Enhancement - Before Photo
    Herndon, VA Crawlspace Enhancement - After Photo

    Herndon, VA Crawlspace Enhancement

    This Herndon, VA home had a need for crawl space improvement.  Improved insulation and sealing the crawl space off from unconditioned outdoor air was the solution identified by our sales pro who inspected the home.   The production crew removed the old ineffective insulation. After that, they applied spray foam insulation to the rim joists to help make sure that the rooms above the crawlspace were able to maintain a normal temperature. Finally, the crew installed spray foam on the crawlspace walls as the primary form of insulation to keep the home comfortable year-round.

  • Leesburg VA Trench Drain XL Installation - Before Photo
    Leesburg VA Trench Drain XL Installation - After Photo

    Leesburg VA Trench Drain XL Installation

    This Leesburg, VA home had an issue with ineffective gutters that were allowing excess surface water to build up on the property. Our sales professional Pedro went out to the home and determined what the optimal path for the drainage trench would be to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost. When everything was finalized our service crews went out to the home and dug out the path for the drain. Then finally installed the drain with the output path that led to a nearby dry spot to even out the coverage of surface water.

  • Leesburg, VA Crawlspace Transformation - Before Photo
    Leesburg, VA Crawlspace Transformation - After Photo

    Leesburg, VA Crawlspace Transformation


    This Leesburg, VA home was suffering from a filthy unwaterproofed crawlspace. This had a negative impact on the comfort level of the home. When our sales professional Carl went out to the property to perform a full home inspection, he determined that the best course of action to end their discomfort would be to remove and dispose of all the old filthy insulation and install CleanSpace.  Carl was able to show the homeowners the evidence of dirty air coming from the crawlspace collecting dirt and mold. Our production team started by ripping out and disposing of all the old insulation that was trapping dirt and allowing it to spread throughout the home. After that, they placed TerraBlock floor insulation to simultaneously maintain a consistent temperature within the crawlspace and keep moisture from building up on the ground. Finally, the crew Installed the CleanSpace cover as the final layer of protection to prevent water damage and mold growth.