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Well Testing

Make sure your family has access to safe drinking water with professional well testing

One natural benefit of wells is that they access groundwater in aquifers instead of surface water (lakes, ponds, etc) and thus, tend to have fewer contaminants. This is because many of these contaminants are filtered out by the sediment as the water travels down into the ground. However, this does not mean groundwater is always safe. There are still many contaminants that can make their way underground and even some unique challenges posed by the presence of nearby minerals.

That’s why it’s vital you have your well professionally tested. At a minimum, the CDC suggests you at least test for some of the more common contaminants every spring. You should, of course, also test whenever you suspect a problem.

What to test for:

  • Nitrates: These substances are found in food and are not a problem in small quantities. However, high levels in the water caused by agricultural runoff, fertilizers, and other factors can make people sick. If you have high levels of nitrate in your water, you either need to treat it or find a new source.
  • Coliforms: These are types of microbes found throughout nature, even in your digestive system. Many of these coliforms are not harmful, but if you have a high level of coliforms in your water, you likely have viruses, germs, and bacteria in the water as well (which are hard to test for individually). Therefore, a contractor will test for total coliforms in order to find out if you have these other harmful substances in your water.
  • High pH Levels: The pH level refers to the acidic content of a given substance. Low pH levels are acidic while high pH levels are base. If the pH level of your water is too high or too low, this could damage the pipes, alter the taste of the water, and eventually cause health issues.

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