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Indoor Humidity Control

Keep your home comfortable with indoor humidity control services

You might be aware that some warm summer days are far worse than others, despite the actual temperature being the same. This is because of humidity. Excessive humidity can make the same temperature air more uncomfortable by making it muggy, and this same principle holds true in your home.

If you have high indoor humidity, the whole home will feel less comfortable regardless of the actual temperature. Excess humidity can lead to other problems as well like warping wood floors, peeling wallpaper, water stains, and a lingering musty odor. While most air conditioners and heat pumps naturally provide some level of dehumidification, this is often not enough. In many cases, you will need a more specialized form of indoor humidity control like a dehumidifier.

Advantages of a dehumidifier

  • Quiet & Efficient: Most dehumidifiers are designed to run quietly and efficiently, so you’ll barely even notice they are there!
  • Help Prevent Mold & Remove Allergens: Mold needs moisture to thrive, so by removing excess moisture, your dehumidifier makes it harder for mold to get a footing in your home. Similarly, lowering humidity levels also helps to eliminate other allergens, such as dust mites and mildew
  • Lower Energy Costs: When your home is humid, your AC has to work overtime in order to both lower the humidity and cool your home. With a dedicated dehumidifier, your AC no longer needs to pull double duty and can thus run more efficiently.

Contact a professional for better indoor humidity control

If your home is uncomfortable and muggy, or you are noticing water stains, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, and other potential signs of excess humidity, contact your indoor humidity control contractor right away. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and help you choose the most effective dehumidifier or other indoor humidity solution.

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