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Roof Inspections

Prevent unexpected and costly roof repair with regular roof inspections

Much of your roof is generally out of sight and thus out of mind, but this can be a problem when damage occurs in areas that you cannot see from the ground. This unnoticed roof damage can lead to costly problems later in the form of roof leaks and interior water damage. The only way to make sure your roof doesn’t have any damage hidden is with a thorough roof inspection.

While regular inspections can be a good idea, there are some specific times when roof inspections are even more important. For example if you are interested in selling your home, a roof inspection is vital to determine the current shape of your roof. Any potential buyer will want to be informed about your roof’s condition and if it’s not up to par, a replacement or repair must be addressed.

Catch storm damage with a roof inspection from a qualified roofing contractor

If severe weather has gone through your area recently, then tt’s a good idea to have your roof inspected. A large storm can often cause serious damage to your home by denting, cracking, or removing shingles entirely. However, this damage is often not visible from the ground until it's too late. A thorough roof inspection from a qualified contractor can catch this damage early so you’re not caught unaware by a sudden roof leak.

Don’t let unseen roof damage be the reason to neglect it. If your home has been hit by a storm or you’re planning to sell, make sure to get a roof inspection from an experienced roofing contractor.

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