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Roof Certifications

Prepare your home for sale with a roof certification from a qualified roofer

Roofer fixing shingles on roof

Are you trying to buy or sell a home? If so, the condition of a roof can be a major sticking point to a potential buyer. No new homeowner wants to potentially replace the entire roof within a year of buying their new house. While replacing the roof before sale is one option, you could also opt to get a roof certification.

What is a roof certification?

A roof certification is effectively a form of warranty for the home’s roof. The homeowner pays a roofing contractor to inspect their roof to verify that it will last for a certain amount of years (generally three). If the roofing contractor finds damage during their inspection, then they will also make small repairs to fix the issues. Finally, they will estimate the remaining lifespan of the roof and provide the roof certification with all the following information. A roof certification is a formal agreement to make certain repairs during the roof’s remaining lifespan, although there can be certain conditions.

Why would you want a roof certification?

A roof replacement can be a sudden and unexpected expense for a new homeowner, so many prospective buyers want a roof certification to ensure they at least have a little time before a replacement becomes necessary. Many lenders are also unwilling to provide loans if the roof is clearly in need of repair. While a roof certification isn’t always essential, it can be a valuable asset for closing a deal on a home and providing some peace of mind to the new owner.

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