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Geothermal System Repair & Adjustment

Prevent the need for costly replacement with timely geothermal heat pump repair

Geothermal heating and cooling systems rarely need repair, thanks to their lack of moving parts and long lifespans. However, that does not mean that geothermal heat pumps never need repairs. Sometimes, damage will occur and speedy repairs are the only solution.

If repairs are needed, the problems generally originate from the heat pump itself rather than any of the coils located underground. If you notice rising power bills, reduced air flow, uneven heating, reduced heat, loud sounds, or a burning smell, then it’s vital that you act right away. By having a qualified contractor make repairs where necessary, you can make sure your geothermal heat pump lasts as long as possible.

Common reasons for geothermal system repair & adjustment

While geothermal heat pumps are pretty reliable, here are a few problems that can occur:

  • Heat Pump Damage: This is one of the few parts of the system with moving parts and will occasionally wear out or get damaged.
  • Loop Leaks: The loops are extremely reliable, but it is still possible for leaks to occur. Luckily, a professional can find these leaks easily and repairs are relatively inexpensive.
  • Dirty or Damaged Ductwork: If you are noticing reduced or uneven heating, then it could be a sign that your ducts have an issue. This could be because of actual damage or could be a sign that your ducts need cleaning. In both cases, a pro can diagnose the problem and affordably fix it.
  • Hard Water: Open-loop systems draw ground or well water, which then travels through the system and releases the water into a different well or sewage system. While not normally a problem, if the ground or well water source has hard water, then debris can build up over time, forcing you to flush the system to restore it to peak efficiency.

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